EDG Skins Have Leaked

Our worst nightmare has come true and Yuumi is on the receiving end of a World Championship skin. What other champions have the EDG players chosen for their Worlds 2021 skins though?

It's been almost half-a-year since EDward Gaming lifted the Summoner's Cup in Reykjavik, Iceland and chose their champions to receive World Championship skins. A few champions did leave us surprised, while others were clear from the moment the finals finished.

So, which champions will receive World Championship skins? There are quite a few first-timers on the list. Let's go over everything we know about the EDG skins.

EDG World Championship Skins Leaked

The skins for the 2021 World Champions have leaked on Twitter and most of the champions we predicted are actually present on the splash art. There is one surprise though, floating on a little book beside Aphelios and that is none other than Yuumi.

Which Champions Will Get World Championship Skins?

EDG's top laner Flandre said from the beginning that he would like to choose Graves as his champion to get a skin. Looking at the splash art, Graves is present in the top left corner, and we have one word for him and that is 'daddy'.

JieJie, EDG's young jungler had also stated that he would want his skin to go to Viego which is clear on the splash art. Seriously, those abs are hard to miss. Riot sure put a lot of effort into those, eh?

Viper's Aphelios skin was confirmed a long time ago by former Griffin coach cvMax who said on stream that Viper had chosen the champion for his own World Championship skin. This will be Aphelios' third skin – and to be honest, it's about time he got a new one.

Scout's Zoe was also a clear choice for his World Championship skin. The mid laner stated after winning the World Championship, that he would like to choose a champion he played during the finals and his Zoe stood out during the match, which made her a no-brainer.

Initially, most believed that Meiko would choose Lulu for his World Championship skin. Instead, he chose Yuumi as his champion, which might upset some fans – especially the Yuumi haters – but she was one of the most iconic picks throughout the 2021 World Championship. Oh, and he also had Riot make Yuumi look like his actual cat.

EDGGravesLi "Flandre" Xuan-Jun
EDGViegoZhao "JieJie" Li-Jie
EDGZoeLee "Scout" Ye-chan
EDGAphelioPark "Viper" Do-hyeon


Tian "Meiko" Ye

When Will the EDG Skins Be Released?

There is no official release date yet for the 2021 League of Legends World Championship skins. So far, only the splash art has been leaked on Twitter. Last year, the 2020 DAMWON skins were released in Patch 11.9, which could indicate that the EDG skins will also be released around Patch 12.9 or 12.10.

Some leakers have stated that Riot is going to release new High Noon skins in LoL Patch 12.9, which would mean that the EDG skins will be releasing in the tenth patch of the year. But those are just guesses, as Riot has not confirmed anything yet.