LoL: Champion Roadmap for 2022

Do we already know which champions will be coming in 2022? Let's go over the champion roadmap for Season 12 of League of Legends.
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Back-to-back champion releases in summer of 2022. | © Riot Games

In 2021, we got a total of 4 champions. Each one of them played a part in the canon League of Legends lore surrounding Senna, Lucian and Viego. The Sentinels Event was a huge part of 2021 and the champions released played an important role throughout it.

So, what have we got in store for 2022? Well, a few champions are already known, or at least… we’ve got breadcrumb trails we get to follow to find out who they are and what their possible abilities might be. So, let’s check out the champion roadmap for 2022!

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LoL Champion Roadmap: How Many Champions Will Be Released in 2022?

According to the April 2022 Roadmap, Riot will likely release the same amount of champions as they did in 2021. In 2021, they released four champions, pushing both Zeri and Renata Glasc back into 2022.

Reav3 explained in the roadmap, that this will be done to release champions that had gotten the attention they need before they're shipped onto live servers. Whether Zeri and Renata Glasc count to the champions released in 2022 is not specified.

But in the April 2022 roadmap we got some important information on the next three champions Riot will release. So let's jump into everything we know!

Who is the Next League of Legends Champion?

The next League of Legends champion is going to be none other than Nilah. She is going to be a unique new bot laner bringing a whole new twist to the game. We've all had to face Yasuo in the bot lane, and now we've got a melee champion designed for the bot lane.

She is going to be making her way onto the rift in the summer of 2022, with a trailer already released outlining some of her abilities, and we've got one thing to say about her and that is mobility. Yes, she looks like a mobile and fun bot lane champion.

She will be using an Urumi as her weapon, which is a weapon of Indian origin. Throughout the last champion releases, Riot has made sure to include multiple new backgrounds and cultures, taking inspiration from Indian culture for Nilah. The Urumi is an Indian whip sword and honestly, it looks amazing.

What Abilities will Nilah Have?

Some of Nilah's kit has been leaked online ahead of her release, so we can just check out what those leaks. But one thing is for sure, she's got dashes and untargetability, things we definitely love and need in champions, right?

Passive: Iridescent InertiaNilah's base attack speed scaling is verry low (.3), but it increases on hit up to 6 stacks. Excess attack speed above the cap is converted into additional on-hit damage.
Q: Nacre SlashPassive: Upon casting an ability, Nilah's next three attacks deal bonus damage. The third attack's bonus damage is doubled, and refunds 50% of her Q ability's cooldown.

Active: Nilah dashes a short distance in the target direction before empowering her next attack to strike twice and damage nerby enemies in a wide arc shape centered on her target. The second strike instead marks all enemies hit, and them damages them after a brief delay. The second strike's damage increases based on the number of enemy champions marked.

W: Tide BaubleNilah throws a water orb in the target direction. Upon hitting an enemy or terrain, it detonates, damaging and slowing enemies and creating a cloud of slowing mist that extends around all enemies and terrain hit by the initial explosion. Lasts up to 10 seconds, but dissipates 4 second after the first allied champion enters its bound. Enemies are unable to auto attack champions inside the mist.
E: Reluctant FriendshipNilah extends her whip in the target direction, tethering herself to the first enemy hit for up to 4 seconds. Tether breaks upon going further than 1000 units.

Recast 1: Nilah commands her whip to extend out from the thered enemy's position in the target direction. If it hits another enemy or pice of terrain, a second tether is formed between the two targets, granting Nilah a second recast.

Recast 2: Tap-cast to pull the tethered targets into each other, damaging and slowing all enemies they pass through. If both enemies are champions, they are also stunned on collision. Hold-cast to also cause Nilah to pull herself to the first tethered enemy.

Ulti: Promise of the OceanNilah channels, creating a cicular-shaped elastic arena in the target area, lasting 7 seconds, or until she exits its bounds. Nilah can attack anything inside the arena regardless of range. Enemies that attempt to exit the arena will be pushed back inside (can only happen once to each enemy). The arena's walls act as terrain for the purposes of her W and E abilities. As long as Nilah remains inside the arena, she gains bonus movement speed and ignores unit collision.

These are just leaks, so take these abilities with a grain of salt, but with the previous League of Legends champion, Bel'Veth we also received some leaks and most of them were pretty correct. Are you excited to try this melee bot laner out?

When Will the Next Champion Be Released?

Nilah will likely be released in LoL Patch 12.13. Riot has already released her trailer, shown her character model, which means she will likely hit the PBE server in mid-june. Therefore, it is most likely that she will go live in LoL Patch 12.13 on July 13, 2022.

What Other Champions Will be Released in 2022?

New Tank Top Laner

Bel'Veth has been released and Nilah is close to entering the Rift as well, Riot gave us a little taste of the fifth new champion they're currently working on as well. While in 2021 we received the top lane AP skirmisher Gwen, it seems like 2022 will reveal a brand-new tank in the top lane.

Not much is known about this champion, other than the fact that they will be from an area in Shurima we have not yet explored. They're also a high skilled top lane tank, but nothing else has been revealed yet.

Top Lane Shurima tank
Can we spot the top laner in this image? | © Riot Games

Who were the First and Second Champions in 2022?

The first champion of 2022 was none other than the new Marksman, Zeri. She has received a multitude of nerfs to her kit already and she is extremely strong, especially in pro play as well, but she is also very fun.

If you're interested to learn more about her, make sure to check out our champion guide video! You'll be able to master her in no time.

The second champion released in 2022 was none other than Renata Glasc, a strong-willed chem-baroness who owns the underground city of Zaun and you play her the same way. She brought a whole new unique crowd control ability to the game called Berserk.

Renata Glasc is easier to pick up than Zeri, but we also have a guide for you, so you can truly understand how her unique abilities work.

Bel'Veth Released in 2022

Bel'Veth was supposed to be the new monster champion, but Reav3 has noted that while Bel'Veth is considered a creature or monster, she is not the actual monster champion the team is working on. She was released in LoL Patch 12.11 and has taken the world by storm, but if you're disappointed, don't worry another Monster champion is on the way, though you'll likely have to wait for 2023 for them.

When will the Udyr Rework Go Live?

In a recent Reddit post, Reav3 was asked whether the Void jungler would be released before Udyr or after. Reav3 wrote that the jungler will be the next champion in 2022, then the next ADC and finally the Udyr rework would be released.

So, if you're an Udyr main, then you'll have to be patient a while longer until the rework is ready to be played.

Is Faey Coming to League of Legends in 2022?

Last year, Riot released a short story about a young girl named Faey. This was right before Lillia and Yone were released, so fans thought either of those champions might be Faey, who has ties to Akali and is from Ionia.

That never happened, but fans continue to believe that Faey is coming to Summoner’s Rift. Through a leak, fans found out that Faey is likely going to be the next champion after Vex. With the newest champion roadmap, these theories have also been crushed, though.

So this begs the question; when is Faey going to be a champion in League of Legends and is she even ever going to be one or stay a character from a League of Legends short story?