LoL: Champion Roadmap for 2022

Do we already know which champions will be coming in 2022? Let's go over the champion roadmap for Season 12 of League of Legends.

Darkin Champion Blade
We are getting a new Darkin Champion in 2023! | © Riot Games

Okay, so the title says 2022, but we are also going to talk about the League of Legends champion roadmap of 2023 right now, because there are some spicy new champions coming and some exciting new updates to already existing champions. Spoiler alert: More mid-scope updates are in our near future.

So with Riot releasing a trailer of new champions coming to League of Legends in both 2022 and 2023, let's go over everything we know about our favorite MOBA and what you can expect in the coming months.

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LoL Champion Roadmap: How Many Champions Will Be Released in 2022?

According to the April 2022 Roadmap, Riot will likely release the same amount of champions as they did in 2021. In 2021, they released four champions, pushing both Zeri and Renata Glasc back into 2022 due to the release of Arcane.

Now, in the most recent Champion Roadmap which was released in August, Reav3 explained that at the end of the year we would be receiving one more champion, a brand-new top lane tank champion from Shurima.

Who is the Next League of Legends Champion?

The next League of Legends champion will be the high-skill top lane tank champion from an unexplored region of Shurima. In the Champion Roadmap it was explained that the Nazumah comes from a never explored area of Shurima which does not bow to Azir. Also, they had to fight to make their home, due to the sparse water supply, but they managed to build a society surrounding the only oasis in sight.

The new top laner is going to be called K'Sante and he is going to be the pride of Nazumah, with everyone knowing who he is and celebrating his success. Hell, K'Sante even managed to fight one of the largest animals from the desert and made a unique weapon out of the hide. Now if that doesn't sound like a hero, then I don't know what is.

When Will the Next Champion Be Released?

The new top lane tank will likely be released by the end of the year. In the champion Roadmap Riot specifically stated that this champion will be released by the end of 2022, so any top lane mains who love to play tanks, get excited, this is going to make you one happy player.

Top Lane Shurima tank
Can we spot the top laner in this image? | © Riot Games

Aurelion Sol CGU Release in 2022

Aurelion Sol and his CGU will be released in 2022 as well. Riot already showed off some interesting new abilities that this late game battle mage will receive. He is going to be a mobile mage and still be able to fly, but at least it is fixed and he will fly in various directions now instead of just straight ahead.

Oh, and he will be able to breathe fire. How cool is that, eh?

Darkin Assassin Coming in 2023

Riot has been getting complaints that players want more Darkin champions in the game. This goes to show that more and more lore is important to a player's interest in a champion. Reav3 explained in the Champion Roadmap of August 2022 that they would be releasing a new Darkin champion.

Not much was revealed, but we know that the champion might not be as human as we might think, with Reav3 mentioning a 'who' or 'what' is holding the darkin weapon – which by the way is the epic dagger you see in the header image above.

New Male Enchanter Announced

Riot Reav3 also explained that fans had been waiting for a new male enchanter. We've got Janna, Lulu, Renata Glasc and many more female enchanters, but finally we will also be getting a male enchanter. Of course, that isn't all, the enchanter will also come from Ixtal, a region many fans want Riot to explore more.

Which Champions Were Already Released in 2022?

Renata Glasc and Zeri Releases in 2022

The first champion of 2022 was none other than the new Marksman, Zeri. She has received a multitude of nerfs to her kit already and she is extremely strong, especially in pro play as well, but she is also very fun.

If you're interested to learn more about her, make sure to check out our champion guide video! You'll be able to master her in no time.

The second champion released in 2022 was none other than Renata Glasc, a strong-willed chem-baroness who owns the underground city of Zaun and you play her the same way. She brought a whole new unique crowd control ability to the game called Berserk.

Renata Glasc is easier to pick up than Zeri, but we also have a guide for you, so you can truly understand how her unique abilities work.

Bel'Veth Released in 2022

Bel'Veth was supposed to be the new monster champion, but Reav3 has noted that while Bel'Veth is considered a creature or monster, she is not the actual monster champion the team is working on. She was released in LoL Patch 12.11 and has taken the world by storm, but if you're disappointed, don't worry another Monster champion is on the way, though you'll likely have to wait for 2023 for them.

Nilah Released in 2022

A second bot lane champion was released in 2022. Nilah is a unique melee bot laner with quick and fun gameplay. With Nilah, we have entered a whole new continent in the east. With the Riot MMORPG being made, adding new regions will make the world of Runeterra even more vast and unique.

When will the Udyr Rework Go Live?

The Udyr rework is going to hit live servers in LoL Patch 12.16. Udyr received a brand-new look and new lore which is going to fit his mountain man thematic much better. The stances were also exchanged to have a more Freljordian feel to it, but if you want to know all the details check out the article below:

This is everything you need to know about the upcoming League of Legends champions. Are you excited for the Darkin assassin or are you more hyped for the new male enchanter in League of Legends? So many cool new things happening.