LoL: This Player Proves Why You Shouldn't Buy Boosted Accounts

Some League of Legends players stuck in low elo just dream of being high elo players and get quite desperate, forking over hundreds of dollars for boosetd accounts... but this one player just shows why this is not the way to go.

Commando Lux Skin
LoL: This player went on the biggest loss-streak in the history of the game... probably. | © Riot Games

One player has achieved something that others can only dream of and they were quickly exposed by the League of Legends community to be nothing more than a fraud with a boosted account. But one thing we did learn from this Iron-player's blunders is that buying a boosted account is a waste.

There are more and more accounts for sale online, most of them are mere level-30 accounts players buy as smurfs which cost less than a dime these days, but then there are also high elo accounts for sale, for any low elo players who want to brag to their friends.

LoL: Did This Player Go On The Biggest Loss-Streak Ever?

One player has done the unthinkable and managed to win a mere 10% of their solo queue games. With such an awful win-loss record, some players got suspicious and did some digging into the account. The account started off at 1,000 LP in Challenger, but after their loss streak quickly got demoted all the way down to Plat.

The loss streak also impacted his MMR quite heavily, matching him up with Silver players even though his shown rank is Platinum. There is basically no return from doom for this League of Legends player. But that's not even the worst thing because the player's main account also got exposed, as seen in YouTuber Rival's video, and as it turns out his main is in Iron IV.

This just goes to show how players are in a specific rank for a reason. This player at least, won't be able to climb back to Challenger with these abysmal numbers. Looking at the of the bought account, their best champion is Karthus with a whopping 3-wins.

Now the thing about buying accounts, getting smurf accounts for a mere buck or two is nothing new, but when players want to go big and reach Challenger without putting in any effort, they'll need a fat wallet for sure. Some Challenger accounts can cost up to thousands of dollars.

So we can be pretty sure that this person had spent some good money on this account only to fall as low as they have. It's also no fun for high elo players to try and have to carry someone like this. Now the real question is whether Riot is going to punish this player somehow, or if the money wasted is punishment enough in this situation.

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