LoL: Faerie Court Kalista Points To Possible VFX Update For Champ

Some effects have been removed from the League of Legends Faerie Court Kalista skin and it seems that we might be getting a visual update for the champion, or at least an update to her visual effects.

Faerie Court Kalista Splash
LoL: Is Kalista going to get a visual update? | © Riot Games

The new Faerie Court skins are going to be released in League of Legends Patch 13.6. They'll also include a brand-new event and battle pass to grind so you can get as many tokens as possible.

Before every release of a new skin these skins will go onto the Public Beta Environment for testing, and fans noticed something interesting about Kalista's skin and some effects which won't be shipped. Does this mean we're getting a visual update for her?

LoL: Kalista Might Receive Mid-Scope Update

Kalista was released in 2014 and still only has a small amount of skins. This means she won't be a candidate for an ASU anytime soon, since Riot has made clear they're prioritizing popular champions with a lot of skins, like Lee Sin and Teemo, for Art and Sustainability Updates.

Kalista makes up one half of this insane bot lane duo:

But, that doesn't mean that she can't get some small adjustments to her visual effects, right? Right. With the PBE cycle coming to a close and skins are getting their last finishing touches, Riot Platypus went to the Faerie Court Kalista feedback thread to give players information on the changes the team would make to the skin before putting it on live servers.

While the skin itself didn't get any adjustments made, they did note that "during PBE cycle Faerie Court Kalista didn't have the VFX associated with her Martial Poise jump, which you might have seen in preview videos."

There had been some added visual effects for her passive in the preview videos which had been part of some experimental changes from the Champion team. Currently, the Champions team is still testing these effects out and if they do decide to ship them, then Kalista, and all of her skins, will get added VFX for her Martial Poise jump.

This could hint at a Kalista Mid-Scope Update, or just a small VFX adjustment to her passive ability, but with the champions team working on it, it could be a slight overhaul to her kit to make her more approachable.

Kalista is consistently one of the least played champions on Summoner's Rift, always in the bottom 10 for play rate and has also fallen off as a bot lane champion, with others outshining her, so an update would do her well.

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