LoL: Fans Desperately Want To See NA vs EU But Give Up Hope On MSI 2023

North America and Europe fans really want to face off at the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, but with the current bracket this looks to be a difficult feat.

NA vs EU MSI 2023
MSI 2023: The League of Legends Reddit has lost all hope on an EU vs NA match. | © Riot Games

MSI 2023 just finished the second round, with some amazing games. Four LCK and LPL teams remain, while EU and NA are only left with one representative. Now it's starting to look dire for an EU and NA grudge match at MSI 2023.

Fans are desperate though to see which region is the better, that they are even begging for some unofficial matches between some of the teams.

LoL: MSI Fans Hope For Unofficial EU vs NA Match

On Reddit, some users are even coming up with their own ways on how they can watch EU and NA face off. One user suggested that C9 and G2 Esports could have an unofficial "Rift Rivals" event before Cloud9 goes back to North America for the LCS Summer Split.

This comes as a good suggestion and could bring in a lot of viewers on Twitch, but there is one wrinkle... the teams could potentially still meet at MSI 2023, but it seems that fans have given up hope completely.

Cloud9 is going to face off against Gen.G while G2 Esports have another game in the lower bracket against BiliBili Gaming. If G2 Esports and C9 manage to win those best of five games, then we could have an NA and EU matchup finally.

The chances though? Highly unlikely. While BiliBili Gaming and Gen.G have made mistakes in their previous matches, most viewers don't think that they can be beaten by western teams. Hell, even last week a Reddit post went viral, stating that they feel like the 2018/2019 EU dominance was nothing more than a fever dream.

So far, the game balance between eastern and western team is at 14-2 with the LPL and LCK representatives taking home 14 wins. This looks to be a steep hill for both C9 and G2, but we could get the much-anticipated NA vs EU match....

Or we hope for a fun unofficial "Rift Rivals" series featuring C9 and G2 – or even MAD and Golden Guardians.

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