LoL Jungle Update: Riot Making Huge Changes In LoL Patch 13.5

The jungle role has been pretty awful with constant changes in LoL Season 13. Now, Riot is outlining some changes that should, hopefully, be the last for a long time, even reverting some of their earlier decisions.

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League of Legends: Riot is making some big changes in the jungle in LoL Patch 13.5. | © Riot Games

Recently, there have been multiple complaints from players due to the changes in the jungle that were a part of the 2023 League of Legends preseason. Now, Riot is making one more update to the jungle, in hopes of finally having the saga behind them.

Recently, when LoL Patch 13.4 was released, players were furious. Not only were champions, that had been unplayable for ages, but finally were meta again, been nerfed, but the jungle experience and gold graphs were atrocious. So now, Riot has some plans to try and adjust everything in the jungle.

League of Legends: Riot Making Jungle Adjustments in LoL Patch 13.5

The nerfs to the jungle role had been a little too harsh. Since the preseason 2023, Riot has made quite a few adjustments to the role to try and make it more beginner-friendly, as well as easier to master.

This included adding in suggested jungle routes, timers and leash indicators, as well as some less favourable changes. To stop constant invades, Riot has added in a 20% damage reduction against enemy camps.

Check out these late game champions so you know who to gank early:

Jungle pet damage against monsters was nerfed as well after preseason and kill experience was also adjusted recently, which have all made junglers feel undervalued, and the role is pretty much as unpopular as it was before.

Riot Phlox revealed some information on their plans for jungle changes in the upcoming League of Legends patch, outlining that they're going to be making some more big changes and reverting some of the more unpopular adjustments that have shipped throughout the last few weeks.

Riot Reverting Preseason Jungle Changes

Jungle pets deal 20% extra damage to camps on your half of the map, while those 20% fall off against enemy jungle camps. This has caused quite the stir in the League of Legends community. Riot Phlox explained that this 20% reduction will be removed in the upcoming LoL Patch.

Could all these changes stem from these complaints?

Jungle lane experience will also be adjusted in the first fourteen minutes of the game. With the early gank changes Riot implemented, experience was hard to get for junglers, but Riot have adjusted the experience percentage:

  • Jungler lane XP for first 14m: 75% --> 40-75% based on game time (linear scaling from 00:00)

Jungle camp gold has also been down and Riot is going to be making some adjustments. Riot Phlox explained that from Season 12 jungle gold is down by 20, which is a bit much, hence why they're going to be bringing some of that gold back. Players also receive gold from treats to balance everything out.

While Riot is going to revert some of their initial jungle changes, Riot Phlox did explain that it's better to test these things out instead of never testing them to see how to improve the meta, especially when referring to early invades.

While there still remains some value to curbing early invades, the cost is just too high right now to merit retaining the mechanic. I think it was worth exploring, I'd rather us try stuff and pull it than never try it at all, but it's time to sunset it now.

The balance team also hopes that these are going to be the final big changes to the jungle in a while. There have been some updates to the role in almost every single patch since the preseason, so hopefully they've figured out what works for the role and what doesn't.

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