LoL: Yuumi Mains Run It Down In Protest of Champ Nerfs

Yuumi mains have taken a leaf out of the Ryze-main's playbook, in protest of the harsh nerfs the support champion suffered in LoL Patch 13.1b. It's time for this LoL champion to reach the lowest win rate of any champion, so Riot can't ignore her.

Bee Maw skin
Yuumi ain't smiling anymore.... | © Riot Games

As 90% of the League of Legends community celebrates, one small part is silently plotting to make the game unplayable in protest. In LoL Patch 13.1b, Riot killed Yuumi, literally, and the small Yuumi community in the game has come up with a plan that will make it hard to ignore the cute cat.

The nerfs have hit hard and now Yuumi mains have banded together to pull her win rate down in hopes of getting Riot's attention. Did it work for Ryze mains? Nope and we doubt it'll work this time around either, with Yuumi's rework coming soon.

LoL Champion Yuumi's Win Rate Drops Below 40%

This is a feat not even Ryze mains have been able to pull off. Yuumi mains are doubling down on forcibly lowering the champion's win rate. And as a result, Yuumi has fallen below 40% for the first time, with her win rate getting as low as 39.6%!

We did it, we achieved what Ryze mains never could. Yuumi fell below a 40% win-rate. from yuumimains

This is following some hefty nerfs to her kit as Riot is trying to make sure Yuumi doesn't continue to dominate the pro League of Legends scene as she has been doing for the past few years. Her range has been nerfed heavily, as well as the scaling on her W and the movement speed her allies gain when she uses E. All of this makes her fall off heavily and struggle early.

With all these nerfs, the Yuumi mains are understandably upset. Not appeased by the knowledge that their favorite champion will be getting a rework soon, they've decided to protest and run it down the lane with Yuumi to tank her win rate as low as possible, so Riot is unable to ignore her.

Can we get one World Championship without Yuumi... please Rito?

A few champions, like Ryze, understand the feeling of having their champion consistently nerfed due to the pro scene. Just recently, Ryze finally had a win rate barely above 50%, which made Riot instantly nerf him in LoL Patch 13.1b. Honestly, by this point it's just become a meme, and it seems that until Yuumi's rework goes live she will be receiving the same treatment.

Does tanking your favorite champions win rate truly help though? Well, in Yuumi's case we doubt it with Riot working on some updates to her kit which should hit the rift at some point in early 2023.

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