"The Balance is Dogsh*t" – Tyler1 Roasts Current LoL Matchmaking Issues

On a recent stream Tyler1 ended up getting filled into his secondary role 3 times in a row, causing him to dodge the final match and going on a rant about how unfair the current matchmaking system is, especially for non-streamers.

Tyler1 Matchmaking issues
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Tyler1 going on a rant about League of Legends is nothing new. He plays the game day-in and day-out and with the state of the game right now this is probably very taxing on his mental and has been for quite some time. But in a recent stream he finally broke and lost it.

His main complaint is about the matchmaking system in the game and how unfair it is, not only for him, but especially non-streamers who don't have as much time to play League of Legends as those who make money off the game itself.

League of Legends Matchmaking is a Mess According to Tyler1

As Tyler1 queued up for one more game of League, after having played two matches in the mid lane, his chosen secondary role, he finally entered a new lobby and lo-and-behold... for a third time in a row he was mid! Sure, he's made it to Challenger on every role, but we all know his main is the the ADC position.

So, what did Tyler do? He dodged, exited out of the client and went on a rant, explaining that there is an issue with the current system of queuing up for ranked games.

One thing he noted was that Riot should implement an extra button, which players can press, which states that they only want to play their main role, but acknowledge that queue times could take longer than anticipated because of that.

He also stated that the current system is unfair to players who don't have as much time as streamers or others who make money off the game and get to play it more often.

He gives an example of someone who comes home from work or school and just wants to play a couple of solo queue games before bed, since they need to be out early for said job or school again the next day. In the example the person would realistically have time for three games a night and all three they end up in another role than their main.

Not only is this unfair to them, but also their team, since their teammates will have to play with someone who might be unfamiliar with the role and not as good as their main, thus hurting their team. This also means that players are more likely to become toxic with someone on the team who might not be up to par in said role.

It isn't just matchmaking that is an issue, but Tyler1 also points out the balance issues with the game right now, "we're not balancing the game, we're not fixing matchmaking, we're not fixing the fill, or jungle... we're just doing f*cking nothing."

On Reddit multiple people chimed in, agreeing with Tyler1, also mentioning how they wish the Team Builder feature that was removed in Season 6 could be brought back. Whether that would fix the problem no one knows, but there are issues with matchmaking right now and that is evident.

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