LoL: "Riot Takes Too Long To Nerf It" - Tyler1 Rages Over Elo-Inflated Champ

Some League of Legends champions are in very strong places, but it seems that Riot just won't get around to nerfing these OP picks. Content creator Tyler1 has such an experience with one of the picks that are basically free elo boosting champs right now.

Tyler1 All Star Game
Tyler1 isn't happy with this specific champion in solo queue right now. | © Riot Games

Tyler1 isn't shy to dish out criticism when it comes to Riot Games and their game League of Legends. There have been multiple instances where he's, loudly, discussed his grievances with the state of the game and what the balance team seems to be up to.

In a recent Twitch stream he griped about how long it takes Riot sometimes to nerf completely overpowered champions and how they can be used to boost players to higher elos they have no business being in.

Tyler1 Mad About Overpowered LoL Picks Not Getting Nerfed by Riot

In a recent Twitch stream on January 3, 2023, Tyler1 expressed his dislike for Udyr and how this jungle pick is ruining solo queue. Tyler1 believes that players just pick these giga broken champs, spam them to inflate their elo, but the second these picks would be nerfed these players have no way to maintain their skill level.

He also expressed his displeasure with how long it takes Riot to nerf these broken champions.

What are these disgusting, Elo-inflated Udyr players going to do when they nerf this giga-broken champion?

He went on to explain that many of these Udyr one-trick players in his games are "no talent" players that he has to deal with and that don't belong in his elo. These are players that take advantage of the champions to boost themselves to higher levels, but the second they're nerfed the players don't know what to do and destroy the quality of high elo League of Legends.

He also explained that it takes Riot way too long to nerf champions like this, "Riot leaves broken shit like this up, they take too long to nerf it". This has also been parroted by the LoL community who have pointed out that champions like Zed, who had some of the highest ban rates for a good portion of Season 12, didn't see a nerf until LoL Patch 12.23.

Will Udyr Get Nerfed Soon?

LoL Patch 13.1 is set to be released around January 10, 2023, but in the early patch notes released by Riot Games, it seems like he there isn't an Udyr nerf on the list yet. But we've seen Riot make changes and adjustments once known streamers have voiced their opinions on their popular streams.

We could see a nerf hit Udyr in LoL Patch 13.2 which is when the Ahri ASU is also rumored to be released. Udyr has been a very strong pick since his VGU that was released halfway through 2022. How will Riot address such a strong pick though is yet to be seen.

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