LoL Season 13 Livestream: How and Where to Watch

Each year Riot has a little cinematic and a livestream in which the devs introduce everything they've got planned for LoL Season 13. When is the livestream and where can you watch it? Let's go over the details right now.

Aatrox blood moon skin
We do predict Aatrox to play a role in the upcoming LoL Season 13 trailer. | © Riot Games

We are already a few days into 2023 and fans have been wondering when LoL Season 13 is going to start. Well, thanks to the uploaded League of Legends Patch Schedule we've got a date for the upcoming first LoL Patch, as well as some more information

Now, Riot Brightmoon, Executive Producer of League of Legends, has sent out a tweet confirming the upcoming LoL Season 13 start and livestream. So let's check out the key information we've got so you'll be prepared for the new season!

LoL Season 13 Livestream Date Confirmed

We know that the first patch of the year is going to be released on Tuesday, January 10, 2023. According to the official League of Legends patch schedule that's when the first patch will be released. Riot seems to be changing things up and releasing patches Tuesdays, and sometimes Wednesdays, instead of the previous Wednesday/Thursday time slots.

So, with the League season kicking off on January 10, 2023 we can also expect the cinematic to drop then. It's also when Riot has their LoL Season 13 Kickoff Event planned which will encompass all esports regions with show matches.

LoL Season 13 Cinematic Livestreams

If you want to tune in to the cinematic, as well as the rest of the livestream to find out about what is happening this year in League of Legends, then you should definitely follow all the specific Riot Games social media, as well as their Twitch and YouTube channels where the event will be streamed.

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In 2022, the League of Legends team saw quite a few new faces and this will be the player's first 'real' interaction with the new faces of the LoL team.

An official start time has not been revealed yet, but once we know, we will make sure to update this article so everyone knows when they can tune in to watch the start of the League of Legends season.

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