LoL Season 13: K'Sante Looking Scary in the Hands of Pro Players

K'Sante is the newest champion in League of Legends and while he has looked okay-ish in solo queue it's in the high ranks and in pro play that this champion truly shines with his unique and hybrid playstyle.

Empyrean K Sante Splash Art
K'Sante is an OP pick in pro play! | © Riot Games

K'Sante is the newest League of Legends champion. He's got an insane playstyle unlike anything else we've seen in the game, with the champion being able to turn himself into a bruiser. Sure, we've gotten shape-shifters before in the game, but K'Sante plays unlike any other.

In solo queue he might not be the greatest champion due to his unique abilities, but when in the right hands... then he can do some serious damage and become one of the most OP picks. Unless Riot makes some adjustments, prepare for some K'Sante madness in Season 13.

K'Sante Will Be a Key Pick in Pro Play in LoL Season 13

While K'Sante doesn't have the biggest numbers in solo queue, he has shown to be a very prominent pick in pro play. While December is off-season for most leagues, in China, every year, a small pre-season tournament is played called the Demacia Cup.

Here fans can already see the potential of their favorite LPL teams, as well as see up-and-coming talent with the inclusion of LDL and amateur teams. This year, Bilibili Gaming took home the trophy after a successful tournament.

Not only were fans privy to the LPL teams, but the early LoL Season 13 meta can also already be gauged by this tournament where some picks were especially sought after. One of those was none other than K'Sante in the top lane.

Throughout the Demacia Cup, K'Sante was played a total of 24 times, winning fifteen of his games. This earned him a 62% win rate. Now, compare that to his solo queue stats where he sits at a 49% win rate... this just goes to show how important communication is, as well as game knowledge for a champion like K'Sante.

He has huge power spikes thanks to his ultimate, but if a player uses the ultimate too soon or at the wrong time, then K'Sante will be a squishy and weak champion with a bit of CC and that's about it. In the hands of players who know how to time his ultimate and when to engage though... then K'Sante is a threat like no other.

It seems like he will be the type of champion that will be extremely popular and strong in the pro-scene, while lacking in solo queue. Similar champions in recent times have been Gwen who also suffers from this. But, K'Sante is super fun to watch, so we aren't even mad that he will likely dominate LoL Season 13.

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