Tyler1: Worlds 2022 Killed the NA Twitch LoL Scene

Tyler1 is known for his rants while streaming. Sometimes they are warranted though when he brings up issues with the game and the community. This time around he has stated that LoL Worlds 2022 killed the NA streamer scene for League of Legends.

What does Tyler1 think of LoL Worlds? | © Tyler1 via Twitch

Famous Twitch streamer Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp has gone on another one of his rants during a stream wondering whether the 2022 League of Legends World Championship has effectively killed the LoL scene on Twitch. Is he right and has League died on Twitch?

It isn't the first time that Tyler1 has questioned League of Legends and whether it's still relevant. Sure, he still plays hours and hours of this game, streaming them and effectively becoming the most well-known face in League of Legends. Is he right that the LoL scene in NA is dying, and that Worlds has something to do with this?

"Is League Twitch Dead?" - Tyler1 Questions State of LoL Streaming

Viewership for the League of Legends World Championship has dropped by 40% from the previous year, something Tyler1 mentioned in his stream on October 24. This decline in Worlds viewership could be due to the time slot of the event in other regions, since it's either late at night in Europe or early morning for China and Korea.

Tyler1 went on to state that he also decided to check out other streamers like Bobqin, Tarzaned and ChaseShaco who have also struggled with viewership since the beginning of the World Championship and have had extremely low viewership numbers in recent times.

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According to TwitchTracker, Tarzaned has had a huge decline in viewership. Comparing September to October we can see a fast decline with the streaming averaging almost 4,000 viewers in the previous number, while only managing an average of around 1,800 viewers.

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It's not just individual streamers that seem to be suffering from a loss of viewership, but League of Legends as a category on Twitch has also suffered since the beginning of the year with viewership dropping from 248,000 average concurrent viewers to 159,000 in October.

So, while Tyler1 might be shouting into the void, it seems that he does have a point that in some way, shape or form, League of Legends isn't raking in the viewers it once was. With a lot of famous streamers switching over to YouTube though it could just be that more streamers have migrated to another site and therefore the numbers seem so grim.

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