League of Legends: Was Yuumi's Rework Leaked Already?

Yuumi was just hit with some pretty hefty nerfs in LoL Path 13.1b, but Riot is not stopping there. Instead they're going to also rework this hated League of Legends champion.

Yuumi Patch 11 20 Bewitching skin
Yuumi is getting a rework! | © Riot Games

Yuumi is the most hated champion in League of Legends. But in the most recent LoL Patch, which was the hotfix patch 13.1b, she was nerfed out of existence. Now, Riot is going to tackle her upcoming rework and some of it has already been leaked.

Riot themselves revealed these leaks when they uploaded their Aurelion Sol CGU videos to Reddit. Sure, it wasn't intentional and you've really got to squint to see, but there are some key differences in the playtest Yuumi.

LoL Champion Yuumi's New Abilities

Now one thing to mention is that these leaks come from the internal playtest of Riot Games. This means that nothing is set into stone and Riot can still make a lot of changes to Yuumi before she hits live servers.

But, this is what we found from the Aurelion Sol videos and how Yuumi's kit could change in the coming future.

Riot will keep Yuumi's W the same. This much has been officially revealed by Riot all the way in December 2022. Riot Phroxzon has also reiterated that they see Yuumi as an entry to League of Legends for new players who want to play alongside their higher elo friends. Hence, why the continuous untargetability from her W is important.

So, Riot has decided to change up her passive, Q and E instead.

From the playtest videos we can see that Yuumi doesn't give a shield anymore when she jumps off or on to her partner. Instead, she will now cast her E to shield her allies. The heal in her E seems to have been taken out.

Also, Her Q now heals. Basically, it's similar to Soraka Q where she has to hit enemies to heal herself. The same is done with Yuumi's Q where she has to land it to heal the ally she is sitting atop.

One more interesting thing we noticed is that when Yuumi sits atop a champion and they die, their icon is still next to her health bar. Whether this has something to do with her linking to a specific champion at the start of the game like Kalista, is yet to be seen.

So, these are some of the things that have been revealed when it comes to Yuumi's new kit. Hopefully this keeps her out of pro games because everyone is sick and tired of Zeri/Yuumi lanes by this point.