League of Legends Star Faker Reveals Secret To Long-Lasting Career

In a recent interview, Faker revealed just how he's managed to stay at the top of his game throughout his career.

Faker Worlds 2022 vs FNC
Just what makes Faker so dominant? | © Riot Games

Lee "Faker" Sanghyeok is the best League of Legends player of all time. He's won more championships and titles than anyone else and has not finished worse than semi-finals when he qualified for the League of Legends World Championship.

Going into his 10th year as a professional player, having started his career back in 2013, many fans are wondering just how he's managed to keep in form and become such a dominant player, even at his age.

Age Does Not Matter In Professional Gaming

In a recent interview, Faker was asked about his age and how he's managed to maintain his recent form. T1 has had a solid start to the LCK Spring Season going 4-0, beating the surging DPlus KIA and the 2022 Summer Split Champions, Gen.G in dominant fashion.

Faker played a huge part in those wins. With a KDA of 5.9 and 71% kill participation, he's a key player on T1, as well as the leading voice of the squad. He's also not shy to play carry champions like Kassadin to help bring his team back from a deficit in the later stages of a game.

Now that he's an old and rich man, how much does Faker earn?

So, when asked about age and how it has affected him, Faker simply replied that he doesn't think about age. As translated by iCrystalization on Twitter, he maintains his form by doing things that have a positive impact on himself, like meditation.

He explained that it's important to have a good mindset and that he doesn't feel much different from 10-years ago, both physically and mentally.

I’m the same now; I don’t think I can’t do well because I’m getting older. Maybe it’ll start to have an effect after my 30s, but I think that, rather than age causing your competitive level to decline, self-management is much more important.

So, while Faker isn't the youngest anymore, it seems that a healthy mindset can still lead to older players playing on the same level as younger ones. Even in the LCS, players like Bjergsen have kept their form even though he is considered older.

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