Riot Delays Ahri's LoL ASU Due to Cyberattacks

The ASU for Ahri has been delayed again. This time we know when it'll release though and we also know the reason why this LoL champion won't be getting her glow-up in the next patch just yet.

Ahri ASU Pop Star Ahri splash
Ahri's ASU is delayed once again... LoL fans can't catch a break, eh? | © Riot Games

Riot Games just released more information on the cyberattack that happened not too long ago which caused the PBE build to go down. This has caused some content to be pushed back, as well as delay some more patch content.

One of the biggest immediate things fans were notified of was that art updates won't be happening in the upcoming patch. What does that entail? The Ahri ASU, unfortunately.

LoL Patch 13.3: Ahri ASU Should Go Live Soon

While we won't get the Ahri ASU right away, it seems that we shouldn't worry too much. We will be getting it soon. Riot released a statement on their official League of Legends Twitter explaining that Ahri's ASU will be coming in League of Legends Patch 13.3.

TheShy got mad after getting banned and hacked Riot!

This means you can expect the Ahri ASU to hite live servers on February 8, 2023 along with the new Heartache and Heartthrob skins that have also just been revealed by Riot.

While this clearly isn't the news we want, there is nothing fans can do for now other than to be patient and wait for the ASU to release in early February. Fortunately, no player information seems to have been hacked during the cyberattack which is one thing players can be thankful for.

Ahri's ASU will now be released alongside the Aurelion Sol CGU which is still planned to be released in LoL Patch 13.3. Unfortunately, with the PBE build still not functioning properly, players can't test the ASol changes just yet, but Riot KingCobra, in charge of the ASol CGU has stated they will release footage for players.

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