LoL Patch 11.23 Micropatch to Fix Objective Bounties

Pre-season began a week ago and there are quite a few bugs to fix. Riot is on it with Micropatch 11.23, which is set to look at Caitlyn, Drakes and Objective Bounties.

Lol new drakes chemtech hextech preseason
A bit of a micropatch was in order. | © Riot Games

One thing everyone agrees on this off-season is how awful objective bounties have been. They haven’t been consistent, some team behind thousands of gold without an objective bounty spawning while in other games, teams just catapulted ahead with ease.

Balancing objective bounties is one of the many things Riot will have to continue to monitor. So to get started with the monitoring, Riot has released a micropatch on November 24, 2021, to try and combat some of the bigger issues – since 11.23 is a 3-week patch due to American Thanksgiving.

Objective Bounty Patch

As mentioned, objective bounties haven’t been the most popular new mechanic on Summoner’s Rift. People hate them, think they’re a joke and some believe it takes the competitive edge out of League of Legends.

So, throughout the first week of pre-season, there have been quite a few bugs. Bounties not spawning, bounty timers not resetting. All that fun stuff, and it hasn’t made games any more rewarding or fun for many.

So, in the micropatch of LoL Patch 11.23, the balance team has stated that “losing teams will have to be even further behind for Objective Bounties to activate. Objective Bounties will also fall off faster once the losing team starts to catch up.”

Caitlyn Bugfix

Caitlyn has been a bit bugged since her ASU. Her headshot mechanic is a bit wonky – working even while she’s being revived by GA – and her Yordle traps have stopped her from recalling. So, Riot is going to get to work to even out the kinks in her kit.

In the micropatch, Caitlyn’s traps won’t stop her from recalling when they get triggered. So now, you can safely go back to base to buy your items with all that gold you got from the objective bounties.

Hextech Drake Soul Fixed

So, have you seen any clones on the map when you had the Hextech Soul? Have you gotten trapped in a Hextech gate? Oh, and have you seen your champion just shoot a laser nonstop to slow opponents, disregarding the cooldown completely?

Well, that’s what Riot wants to fix with this micropatch. So you won’t have to deal with weird clones or perma slows. There will be many more fixes coming in the next few weeks so that when season 12 hits, everything should be a bit cleaner.

Do you guys think other things should be included in the micropatch? Let us know on Discord!