LoL Mid Laner Convinced: A Single Change Would Massively Improve The Role

The mid lane has been a sad place in League of Legends and some LoL players think that one little change can revitalize the role.

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LoL: The mid lane has not been in a good place and MSI only showed how low it's sunken. | © Riot Games

The mid lane has always been one of the key roles in League of Legends, with the quickest route to the enemy nexus, as well as some of the most iconic champions. In 2023 the role has been suffering though, even inspiring ire from pro players who are sick and tired of how weak the role is.

Now some players have thought of a simple change that could improve the role at least a little bit. All Riot would have to do is revert a single change they implemented not too long ago.

LoL: Players Want Minion Gold Adjustments Reverted

With the mid lane being the shortest lane, minions usually arrived quicker in the middle. Thanks to this, mid laners were able to farm more gold quicker, since they would meet more minion waves than their sidelane counterparts. Because of this, Riot made some adjustments which meant that mid lane minions gave less gold.

Now, in LoL Patch 13.10 Riot made some adjustments to minion timers which would mean that after the first wave, minions, whether in the side lane or mid lane would always meet at the same time.

I mean... you can probably play him in the mid lane as well and he'd still be better than 90% of current mages:

But the mid lane problems were already present before this most recent League of Legends patch. Throughout the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational we saw a huge rise in low-economy tank mid laners like K'Sante and Nautilus rise in priority, since they could help enable their bot laners with ease without having to spend a lot of money.

While the nerf to minion gold isn't huge, it does delay a mid lane mages power spike significantly since they'll have their mythic after almost everyone else. By that point the top and bot lane will have a much higher priority and presence.

This change was initially added to make the top lane more prominent, but is this really enabling the top lane to reach its full potential? It's unlikely that Riot is going to make any changes just yet, with the midseason update just behind us, the balance team will focus on all the item changes before they look into mid lane satisfaction.

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