LoL Patch 13.11: Will These Buffs Be Able To Save Kalista?

Kalista has been one of the most underwhelming champions in League of Legends, but in Patch 13.11 she might finally get a new life in solo queue.

Blood Moon Kalista skin
LoL Patch 13.11: Kalista is getting major buffs. | © Riot Games

Kalista is probably the worst ADC in the meta right now. She has been for a while, with most solo queue players not even daring to touch her and when they did play her... they lost, tanking her win rate five feet under. Now, in LoL Patch 13.11 she is getting some buffs.

Will the buffs from the upcoming patch be able to ave her or is she doomed to be a subpar bot laner for the rest of her existence?

LoL Patch 13.11: Kalista Buffs Making Their Way To Live Soon

Kalista requires players to be able to communicate with their team and work well together, since she is always tethered to another player through her passive. Her ultimate is also a key tool to use when either engaging or disengaging a fight, but you need to be on the same page as your partner.

With limited communication this is something that's quite difficult, so most players try to steer clear of her when it comes to their solo queue champions and picks.

Pair Kalista with this champion:

In the upcoming LoL Patch 13.11 she is getting some nice buffs though. While her base damage is getting a slight nerf, the rest of her kit is getting an overhaul that should improve her gameplay and could help her get out of the F-tier.

The AD ratios on multiple abilities have been increased significantly, which means she is going to be doing a lot more damage even after the base AD nerfs Riot has slapped onto her.

Not only is she going to be dealing more damage, but her passive was also updated. She will not miss basic attacks on enemies anymore once they step out of vision.

These are all great changes that will improve Kalista as a champion, but she is going to continue to rely on some team play with her abilities. At least these should bring up her abysmal win rate though, right?

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