League of Legends Is Superior To CS:GO – Here Is The Proof

Imagine being at the 19th Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major and finally watching some of your favorite players live on stage. But apparently there is something that piques the interest of this fan a little bit more …

Csgo major paris
League of Legends Is Superior to CS:GO! | © ESL Gaming

To be live at a massive esports event like this year's CS:GO Major in Paris is probably one of the things every fan dreams about! The ambience, the music, the cheering of the crowd and of course the best players that the CS:GO community has to offer, all within reach.

What could be more important in this very moment?— League of Legends of course!

League of Legends Fan At A CS:GO Major

Okay, calm down angry CS:GO player who is reading this at the moment!

This may not be a 100 percent true but at least it seems like this fan of both games could not quite decide which of the two he would rather watch!

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Because at the same time as the match between Heroic and FaZe was played at the CS:GO Major on May 18, the game between JDG and T1 was also played at MSI. This leads to a pretty tricky situation, but luckily our skilful gamer knows exactly what to do: Multitasking.

My guy is watching LOL whiles being at the Major
by u/Lonely_All_Nighter in csgo

He has his priorities set up straight! — Or maybe not quite?

No, your eyes do not fool you, someone really managed to follow both games at the same time here, or at least he tried to! Well, what else can you do when the match days are so badly distributed, and you just HAVE to watch both games!

However, I think many can understand him since such games do not occur on a daily basis, and you have to support your favorite team, no matter what, even if it's just on the display of your phone!

What would you have chosen, or is his solution perhaps the best after all?

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