New Pass Hub on LoL PBE Server

Event were supposed to be improving in 2022, but it seems that every event thus far has been the same thing over and over. So, will the new event hub be able to fix the issues with events and rewards?

Event Hub
Will this improve events? | © BessWitsy via Twitter

At the start of 2022 it was revealed that Riot would be changing their pass system for events to try and improve it. Thus far nothing has happened and the Star Guardian event ended in a total disaster since the outdated League of Legends client couldn't handle 'all the rewards that were given out'.

So, now for the 2022 League of Legends World Championship event it seems like we're going to be getting the new event hub, but will this really improve player satisfaction or is it just the same thing but... prettier?

New LoL Event Hub Shown on PBE Servers

The new event hub can already be seen on the PBE server and players are testing it out and looking through it to see whether it's an improvement, but if you were excited, then we best tell you to hold your horses, because this looks like a nerf to events rather than a buff. Sadge.

According to BessWitsy on Twitter the pass will include 4 bags, a ward, 4 emotes and 2100 tokens which you can farm throughout the first fifty levels of the event pass. Once you hit level 50 you'll be able to unlock the infinite token missions (but we get those already in the current system right off the bat).

It seems that Riot has missed the mark completely with the event pass, since many felt that this was a chance for Riot to move away from the token system and give players actual prizes for completing missions. Now it feels like there are fewer rewards for players, more of a grind and just... a prettier layout but that's about it.

Time Spent Getting to Level 50 Will Determine New LoL Event Hub

One of the key takeaways is that players will have to see how fast they can complete the pass to reach level 50. If reaching level 50 is possible at a reasonable pace without grinding day-in-and-day-out then this could be an improvement on the old pass.

But judging from the Star Guardian event fiasco, we aren't too sure whether that will definitely be the case. Some fans are also complaining that visually it is also just sad to see that you're constantly just picking up and earning tokens instead of something tangible. Overall, we're going to have to wait to find out how this new system works on live servers, but just from the PBE not many fans are hopeful that this will improve events in League of Legends.