LoL Patch 13.5: "There Is Still A Lot To Be Done" - Riot Devs Continue To Monitor Yuumi Rework

In LoL Patch 13.5, Yuumi's mid-scope rework went live. While some players like the new kit, others believe it is stornger than ever. Riot Truexy, one of the people behind the rework revealed some thoughts behind the changes and what they're still working on for Yuumi.

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League of Legends: Yuumi is healthier now? | © Riot Games

Riot recently revealed Yuumi's rework in LoL Patch 13.5. While some fans are still waiting on finished sound effects on two skins, her kit has been unveiled and can be played, but is it doing what Riot intended it to do?

Well, Riot Truexy, one of the devs behind the rework, went to Reddit to explain some of the design choices they made and why they took certain routes for Yuumi. It seems that they are going to be working on more updates to straighten out any problems in her kit.

Check out Yuumi's Rework:

LoL: Yuumi's Rework Will Continue To Be Monitored

Fans weighed in on the newest rework when Riot Truexy held an ask me anything (AMA) on the Yuumi Subreddit recently. Some key points were brought up regarding her reworked kit, like how her new passive encourages people to stay on her ADC, while her spells don't seem to be suited for this.

With Yuumi on their back it's even easier to get pentakills with these champions:

Riot Truexy explained that while Yuumi's new 'best friend' passive is skewed to ranged auto-attack champions, she shouldn't be exclusive to those champs and still work with others. Her abilities do work with other champions, but should primarily synergize with bot lane ADC's instead of melee picks like Irelia or Dr. Mundo.

When asked about Yuumi's future and how the team will continue, Truexy stated that this is not a one patch job, but will take more nudges and fine-tuning to be at a place where they want her to be.

This is definitely not a one-patch and done project. I think the E being a shield is likely going to stay, as ungated healing is probably not acceptable on a champion that can be as safe as Yuumi. But other changes are definitely being monitored and worked on as needed.

Riot is also focusing on keeping her original identity clear so that older Yuumi mains won't feel like they need to learn a brand-new champion. The team is going to try and figure out how to keep her at a decent level without being too strong in higher elos.

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Yuumi Rework: No More Skill Expression

While the devs do seem optimistic with the direction they're taking Yuumi in, it seems that Yuumi mains and players feel that a lot of skill expression has been taken from her kit. Yuumi had thrived on switching between champions before the rework, able to shield and heal them with ease. With the new 'best friend' passive a lot of that skill expression has been left in the dust.

Whether the devs are going to be making adjustments to give her some more skill expression is yet to be seen, but with their intention being that Yuumi should become a main low-elo, easy entry champion, it seems doubtful that too much will be altered.

There are 160 other champions on the rift Riot also has to balance, right?

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