LoL Players Realize New Ping System Is Completely Ignored

With LoL Seaosn 13, Riot introduced a new ping system to try and improve communication. But it seems that even months after it being introduced, players just aren't using it... for the right reasons at least.

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The new ping system was a good idea, but hasn't been implemented well. | © Riot Games

During the 2023 LoL Preseason, Riot introduced a new set of pings which were meant to improve communication. Instead of the usual four pings on the wheel players now have eight to choose from, but it seems that players haven't been doing that.

One player posted on Reddit explaining his observation and how no one seems to be using the new pings, other than the bait ping for players to tell others to go hang themselves...

LoL Players Still Adapting To New Ping Wheel

The ping wheel has been a staple in League of Legends for a long time and it hasn't changed much since its inception. In a game like League communication is key, but Riot has refused to add in voice chat to the game, hence why the ping wheel is the easiest and fastest way to communicate.

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Since the wheel has been the same for forever, most players have gotten used to where the four pings they need are. That's why some players have explained on Reddit that they aren't using the new ping wheel as intended.

I don't use it either because I haven't adapted to the new ping locations yet. In the old wheel I'd usually not keep the cursor very precise, but what was in the angle to be an "on my way" ping then is "all in" now, so I keep mispinging

Other players echoed this, stating that they aren't using the new pings or the ping wheel due to their lack of muscle memory with the smaller spaces now forcing them to be more precise when they make a call.

One user thinks that adding a second ping wheel could be a good solution, since it will keep players from sending the wrong ping and therefore giving team members the wrong information during a crucial moment in the game.

But that could also lead to the second, new ping wheel, never being used by players, since they've only ever used the one ping wheel and this solution would mean that they wouldn't need to use the second ping wheel again.

With time, players will get used to the new ping wheel, it might just take some time and with more new players joining who don't know the OG wheel, this could change in the future.

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