LoL Players Want One Small Improvement For New Arena Mode

The new Arena game mode is a lot of fun, but there is one big problem players want to have addressed upon release.

Soul Fighter Sett Splash
LoL Arena: The new game mode is awesome, but there is one big downside. | © Riot Games

After literal ages, the League of Legends community is finally getting what they've all been waiting for – a brand new game mode. But there are some things that fans are disappointed by, even if it looks incredible and is finally a new experience in League.

LoL players have expressed their worries over on Reddit where a post recently went viral in which they outlined what they want for the future of Arena.

LoL Arena: One Thing Is Missing

New gamemode being disabled for custom is a big miss imo.
by u/TheRajer in leagueoflegends

Finally, the time has come for everyone to hop onto Arena and test out the multiple new maps that have been created by the modes team over at Riot. We are going to be able to play the game we love, but experience it in a way that we've never done before, in constant 2v2 situations.

One thing does have some fans concerned though and they have expressed their disappointment that the game mode will not be available for custom games just yet. Previously, some players also lamented the fact that the mode is only for solo or duo players, now the fact that it isn't in custom has also been added.

The mode is extremely fun and everyone who has tested it out on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) has stated that they haven't had as much fun playing League as they have with Arena. The fact that games also go very quick is also pretty nice.

Unfortunately, you and seven of your friends can't hop online to play some customs between one another sadly. Though, the developers have explained that this is something they will add into the game mode if it's popular enough over the course of the Soul Fighter event to warrant a return.

CptCubone from Riot also went to Reddit to explain why they didn't add in things like custom mode just yet.

The dev blog for Arena mentioned how much the team wanted to get this out in time for the summer event to make this moment special for players, and that because of that, it may be missing a feature or two. [Custom mode], unfortunately, is one of those features. In this case, prioritizing custom lobbies would have been the difference between shipping for Soul Fighter vs shipping a few months down the line.

So unfortunately, the mode was not able to ship in time with customs added, but judging by the effort put into the game mode, as well as the reception it seems like Arena is going to make a comeback very soon, and could even become permanent.

Players are also just excited to try out new things and play this game mode with their friends, hence why they are bringing up the topics up multi-queue and customs. It goes to show that they like it and are passionate.

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