LoL Prime Gaming Rewards Might Be Coming To An End

League of Legends and Prime Gaming might be going their separate ways. Until now, players have been able to get a Prime Gaming capsule on a monthly basis with free eternals, RP and mythic essence. This might come to an end in 2023 though.

Lo L Prime gaming capsule
Will these bad boys be gone forever...? | © Riot Games/Amazon

For nearly 2-years now League of Legends players have been able to receive free rewards thanks to their Amazon Prime membership. RP, Mythic Essence and free skins were all a part of the deal and fans eagerly awaited the next Prime Capsule each month.

Now, it seems like the deal between Riot Games and Amazon has concluded and there might not be any new capsules coming for a while...

Deal Between Amazon and Riot Games For LoL Prime Ended

According to content creator Matty Love Gaming, who has covered the release of the Prime Capsules throughout the whole of last year, it seems like the Prime Gaming Capsules for League of Legends might end. When it was announced that the current available capsule would only be available until February 16, 2023 he messaged Amazon asking about future capsules and content.

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He got a reply from an Amazon employee who explained that the partnership between Amazon and League of Legends was only supposed to go until December 2022.

Therefore, to ensure that players would be able to receive their capsules, Riot has extended the current length of the December 2022 capsule so any players with a Prime account registered would be able to claim their RP, skins and Mythic Essence.

The deal with RIOT games only included capsules until December, there is no new capsule for January or February [...] I can confirm that there is no new capsule for this year, but Prime Gaming and RIOT are working together to bring more content in the future, however, I can't confirm when the next capsule will be available

While Riot did stay quiet at first regarding the Amazon Prime capsules, RiotMeddler has since responded on Reddit, explaining the situation from Riot's side. He echoed the information given by Amazon, stating that the partnership was just for 2022.

It seems though that Riot is in talks with Amazon for a new bundle that will be released in 2023, but they're currently still figuring out what will be included even stating that it's "unlikely to be the same as the 2022 version".

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