Your LoL Account Could Be Deleted

Riot has released a statement saying that they will be deleting older League of Legends accounts. Is your account in jeopardy?

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Which accounts will be deleted though? | © Riot Games

League of Legends is over 10-years-old already and there are quite a few accounts out there that aren't being used anymore. Some players tested the game out in its early days, or even just a few years ago and haven't touched it since then. Well, now Riot is going to be cleaning up.

So, which accounts are eligible for this 'fall cleaning' Riot is going to conduct and is your account safe? Who knows what Riot has up their sleeve when it comes to these 'inactive' accounts, and what even constitutes an 'inactive' account?

Which Accounts Will Be Deleted?

As already mentioned, Riot is going to be looking to get rid of old and inactive accounts. But what exactly constitutes inactive in the terminology of Riot Games? Thankfully, Riot gave us a clear explanation of what they consider to be inactive.

A Riot Games account is considered inactive when there has not been any login activity across any of our games, applications or web properties for over three years.

So, this means that even if you've logged in to for those juicy LoL Worlds Drops, or played Legends of Runeterra or VALORANT with your account in the last three years, then you're perfectly fine, and you shouldn't have to worry about your account.

Accounts that also haven't been active since they were made are also in jeopardy, so if someone made an account four years ago, didn't level up, play or make any purchases – that includes Blue Essence purchases – then those accounts are also on the list to be removed by Riot Games.

These Accounts Will Be Deleted

If you're still unsure whether your account falls into any of these categories we've also got a list from Riot which explains what accounts will get removed.

  • Account is inactive
  • Account did not purchase any game currency in its lifetime
  • Account did not receive any game currency in its lifetime
  • Account has played fewer than 20 hours
  • Account does not own any rare limited edition game entitlements

Why is Riot Deleting Inactive Accounts?

Riot has decided to remove older accounts due to safety and privacy issues, stating that they use the data from players to improve League of Legends and the game, but if a player hasn't touched the game or not played since making the account, then they want to keep a player's data only for as long as they need.

A player that has barely played, or not logged in for over 3-years likely doesn't need their data to be used by Riot, so the company has decided to just delete those accounts. Therefore, if you still have some cool skins on your account, then it's time to log back into the game after a few years.

Account Holders Will be Informed Before Deletion

If you're one of the few players that falls under the criteria mentioned above, you will receive an email beforehand letting you know that Riot is looking to delete your account. So don't worry, you'll be able to save the account before it's too late, but if you hadn't logged in for over 3-years, then it's highly unlikely you'll still want to play, right?