Riot Dev Outlines Rell's League of Legends Mid-Scope Update

Riot revealed three champions that are getting Mid-Scope Updates soon, highlighting all the changes that will be added to Rell in League of Legends.

Base Rell Final 1
LoL MSU: Rell will be getting a Mid-Scope Update soon. | Riot Games

Rell is going to be one of three champions receiving a Mid-Scope Update soon. In a recent dev blog, Riot outlined their MSU philosophy, as well as what changes are being made to Rell and how Riot is reworking her kit.

With Rell being pretty unpopular ever since her release, it was time Riot took a look at her kit to try and update it so she can become the champion she was always supposed to be.

LoL Rell Mid-Scope Update: Problems In Rell's Kit

Initially, Riot assessed the problems with Rell and what has made her one of the champions with the lowest play rate even though she is considered a pretty new champion on Summoner's Rift.

Rell has an exciting fantasy and background, but her kit has not lived up to that fantasy, especially as a mounted and dismounted lancer champion. She relies too heavily on landing her W at the perfect moment and if she misses it, then it's basically game over for the champion.

This also means there is not much variance in her play style and makes her monotonous and boring to play for some people. That's why Riot has decided that she is next on the list to receive a mid-scope update along with Neeko and Ivern.

Updates to Rell's Kit

Riot want to lean into her mounted and dismounted fantasy while also increasing her play variance. This will be done by making her a bit faster and giving her the opportunity to be valuable as a champion charging in when mounted, and a good fighter when in the fray of it all dismounted.

Riot is also adding some major quality of life adjustments by making it easier to clear wards, as well as updating her E to make it an actual ability even when Rell is alone.

She will still have a stun, with her E stun being moved to Q to make it a better ability overall. Her E is going to be completely reworked.

Riot will also make her a bit faster and just smoother to play, but she will keep her epic wide pants when dismounted so she still has that unique and interesting look to her.

A few more sound and visual effects, as well as bug fixes have to be made, but it seems like Rell is ready and rearing to go onto Summoner's Rift.

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