LoL Devs Reveal Multiple New Mid-Scope Update Champs

Riot accidentally released their dev blog video a bit early and in it, we've received some new information on upcoming Mid-Scope Updates in League of Legends.

Battle Queen Rell Splash 1
LoL Devs revealed new Mid-Scope Update Champions! | © Riot Games

Riot revealed their most recent dev blog video a tad early on their social media. The video was uploaded and quickly taken offline again, but a Redditor managed to record it and put it online for everyone to watch, so they know what to expect from Riot in the coming months.

The video was filmed on March 8, 2023, and in it, Riot Brightmoon and Meddler reveal some new information on upcoming Mid-Scope Updates. Was Kalista one of the champions mentioned?

LoL: These Champions Are Getting Mid-Scope Updates

One thing in particular that was mentioned regarding Mid-Scope Updates was Yuumi and how she quickly became a priority due to her strength on all skill levels. Now that Riot feels they've worked through the major issues the team is able to start work on more champions that are in need of Mid-Scope Updates.

It's not League, but it's some information on Project L:

1. Neeko Mid-Scope Update

Neeko was mentioned by Meddler in the dev blog where he noted that the team is still working on some issues with her passive, making sure to get it right. She will be able to turn into multiple objects on the rift as we have seen previously.

Thankfully, with Yuumi out of the way, Riot can now completely focus on Neeko and give her the attention she needs to make her a more popular champion on Summoner's Rift with a nifty in-game mechanic that brings her fantasy to life.

2. Rell Mid-Scope Update

Rell is another champion that had been mentioned and a champion we've known that would receive some form of a rework. She is a rather new champ, but hasn't lived up to her lore fantasy just yet, which is why Riot is going to take another look at her abilities.

Rell is supposed to be a mounted knight lancer, and she has not been living up to those ideals, which is why Riot chose her for a mid-scope update. What exactly they are changing on her kit was not talked about in the dev blog though.

Candy King Ivern
Ivern getting updated sounds good. | © Riot Games

3. Ivern Mid-Scope Update

The Green Father is also on the Mid-Scope Update list. Meddler revealed that Riot is going to be taking a closer look at his ultimate, meaning we might get some much-needed changes for Daisy to feel more impactful.

Some players have suggested that Daisy works more like Annie's Tibbers and won't die right away if Ivern gets killed. Hopefully Riot will give an update soon on what they meant by "usability changes", which they mentioned where happening to Daisy in the dev blog.

Those were the three champions Riot mentioned in the dev post for upcoming MSU's, and they will give more details in the coming weeks and months on the champions, ahead of their releases.

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