LoL: Blue Essence Emporium Could Return In 2023

The LoL Blue Essence Emporium was a sale that used to take place two times a year, but in 2022 Riot decided to put it on hiatus to work on the underlying tech behind the sale. Now it seems like it could finally be making a comeback!

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LoL: Finally I can spend all my Blue Essence in the Essence Emporium again! | © Riot Games

Blue Essence is one currency we have more than enough of. Thankfully, in the past, there had been the League of Legends Blue Essence Emporium in which players were able to finally get rid of some of their Blue Essence.

In 2022 Riot put the sale on hiatus though, stating that they wanted to upgrade the tech behind it and improve it for the future. Since then, we haven't heard much, but in a recent Dev Vlog, Riot Brightmoon assured players that it was going to make a return soon.

LoL: Blue Essence Emporium Comeback Planned For Summer

The Blue Essence Sale has been a hot topic of discussion, with Riot having gone completely radio silent on the matter since calling for its hiatus halfway through Season 12 of League of Legends. Finally, we do get some answers though.

In a Dev Vlog from March 2023, Riot Brightmoon assured fans that they were working on the Essence Emporium and are continuing to upgrade and improve the tech behind the sale so that players could experience it in the Riot client in the Summer of 2023.

This could mean that during the big 2023 Summer Event we might also have an Essence Emporium, or right after the sale as well, depending on when Riot is going to release the sale.

Unfortunately, Riot Brightmoon was not able to 100% confirm that the sale was going to take place then, stating that they are doing their best to have it ready by then, so there could still be changes in the schedule for the next Essence Emproium, but the team is aiming for the Summer.

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