Riot Announces New Summoners Cup Design for Worlds 2022

Riot just announced their collaboration alongside Jewelry House Tiffany & Co. What are they working on, though? Well, a brand-new Summoner's Cup.

New Summoner Cup
Okay, but this is just a tease and it already looks great. | © Riot Games

First Louis Vuitton, now Tiffany & Co. Riot isn't shying away from the high-end brands when it comes to collaborations for the League of Legends World Championship. Louis Vuitton made a unique trophy case for the cup in 2021 and now Tiffany & Co are working on creating a brand-new Summoner's Cup.

It's important to note that this isn't Tiffany & Co's first stint at making trophies. They've partnered with Riot before to make the LPL Silver Dragon Cup while also having made multiple other sporting trophies for over 100-years. That iconic Vince Lombardi Trophy was also made by Tiffany & Co.

New Summoner's Cup Design Reveal

The new Summoner's Cup has not officially been revealed yet, but Riot did show some snapshots in their announcement of the collaboration with Tiffany & Co So we know that the royal blue will still be incorporated into the new Summoner's Cup design.

The Summoner’s Cup is a symbol of greatness in esports and the crowning achievement in League of Legends. The teams who hoist it represent the best of our sport -- their mastery forever a part of LoL Esports’ history.

The official reveal of the new Summoner's Cup will be held on August 29, 2022. So you're going to have to wait another two-weeks to find out what exactly Tiffany & Co alongside Riot Games have come up with. Meanwhile, sign up to get your LoL Worlds 2022 tickets, for sure.

One thing we do know about the new Summoner's Cup is that it is going to be much lighter than the previous iteration. The current Summoner's Cup weighs 70 pounds – that's around 31 kg for us metric users out there – while the new Cup is going to weigh 44 pounds which is around 20 kg, and it will be 27 inches (26 cm).

According to the information given by Riot, the artisans of Tiffany & Co have worked over four months crafting this newly designed Summoner's Cup, totaling 277 hours. So we're excited to know what Riot and Tiffany & Co have been working on for the fans and the event. This is the first World Championship with an audience since 2019, so we have high expectations for the overall event. Hell, could we even get a Seraphine, or even a K/DA comeback?

You want to lift this new trophy? Then make sure you practice your Qiyana to make it to Worlds