LoL: Riot Tells Us We’re In “Danger”

What do you mean we're in "danger", Riot? Why? Where should we go in LoL? A little help, please?

Old Noxus 2
LoL: The new champion teaser looks dangerous. | © Riot Games

Well, by now we've gone from "forbidden", to "warning" and now we've reached "danger" in LoL? What's next, "death"? Riot has once again released a new phase of the next LoL champ Briar's teaser.

With each new phase, we've gotten closer and closer to Briar's prison cell. But is that because we're just so darn curious, or is Briar luring us in? What do these teasers show us? And why is the newest one called danger?

LoL: Why We Might Be In "Danger"

Lo L Phase 3 Briar teeth
Why grandma, what big teeth you have~ | © Riot Games / screenshot

We're getting up close and personal with Briar it seems. If she wanted to, she could just reach out and grab us. Thank goodness that hasn't happened, at least not yet.

If you aren't already aware, Riot are currently releasing a four-part teaser for their next champ, Briar. Part one was "forbidden", part two was "warning" and now we've reached part three – "danger".

So far, phase three has been the longest part of Briar's teaser we could interact with, and it has given us the most information about the upcoming champ. There's a lot to uncover, guys.

Besides telling us that "it's nice to finally talk to someone who isn't a failed hemomancy experiment", she tries to make herself seem more normal by jokingly telling us "c'mon! Do I look like a weapon to you?". Well, yeah, sort of.

All that talk about you being super hungry and your stomach rumbling so much, that it might make the ground shake? Doesn't really calm me down.

After all, Briar is a vampire, and it doesn't seem like she's a "vegetarian" like the Cullen's are in Twilight.

Plus, she talks about her being imprisoned because Noxus thinks she's "so strong". If that's something that the Noxians told her, then I think we know why we're in danger. Well, at least now we know where she is being held.

Also, she talks a lot about missing the battlefield and is constantly doing exercises like handstands or lunges. Feels like she's keeping herself prepared for any chance she could get to escape.

LoL: We Might Be The Ones To Release Briar

Lo L Phase 3 Briar 1
Briar is training non-stop to enter LoL. | © Riot Games / screenshot

At least technically. You see, besides us being able to find out more about Briar, it seems she is trying to butter us up, so we might free her from her prison.

We're constantly being called her friend, and sometimes even her best friend. While I'm touched, thank you Briar, I don't really think that this is a healthy relationship, at least not for us.

It seems like Briar is trying to hide her insanity (even though it's only somewhat working), and seem more like a normal young woman by saying "“We’re friends, right?” and “HEY! If you promise to bring me a real meal, maybe we could share, right?”.

But then she also goes on to say things like "Now that we’re best friends, maybe you could get me out of here" and “I don’t know about you, but I could use a friend in here. Orrrr out there, if you want to let me out”.

While I do think that she's pretty lonely and bored after being locked up in her prison cell, for what seems to have been

quite some time, I think this is all just a clever ploy to help her escape. I think she doesn't actually want to be friends (GASP, who would've thought). She probably is just hoping to get our blood, so she'll be strong enough to break open the door. I mean, it's a wood door. Why not use something more stable than that Noxus?

The final stage of Briar's teaser should be released on August 30, 2023. So, we'll have to wait and see what will happen to us, whether Briar will actually escape and we'll have to really hope that Briar will be released into LoL soon. I can't wait!

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