Rogue Defeat Team Vitality in LEC Saturday Showdown

The Saturday LEC gave us several great matches as the top 6 teams faced off. Rogue remain undefeated after a victory against Team Vitality, while Fnatic lost their second game of the week after a series of mid-game mistakes against G2 Esports undid the work of a great early game.

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Stolen Barons, big comebacks and some plain great League of Legends - we got all that. | © Riot Games

After seeing Rogue break Fnatic's winning streak and Team Vitality add one more game to theirs, the LEC promised us some real bangers on Saturday. They yet-undefeated Rogue would be taking on Team Vitality, Fnatic would go against their old rivals G2 Esports , and the unexpectedly strong Misfits Gaming would face off against MAD Lions.

2-0 week for Team BDS

Team BDS would kick off the day again, this time taking on SK Gaming. The newcomers had a very strong start, getting a first blood in the top lane and several more kills and objectives that set them nearly 3K up at 15 minutes. SK were practically spectators in the game, conceding one objective after another. With a mountain soul and Baron, BDS pushed in and ended the game soon after the purple buff expired.

Excel: Yeah, We Take Those

Astralis took on Excel Esports in the second game of the day. Excel quickly took off after two nearly simultaneous kills in both sidelanes. While Astralis would eventually equalize the kills, they would stay behind on objectives. Even a great Baron steal by Nikolay "Zanzarah" Akatov only slowed Excel down, and it was not enough. They took the second Baron uncontested 32 minutes in and used it to take two inhibitors, eventually breakingthe third one and ending the game.

Rabbits > Lions

After their narrow loss to G2 on Friday, Misfits Gaming were on fire in the game against MAD Lions. With some early aggression and great jungle and support roams, they got a sizable advantage from the early game and only kept pushing. With advantages in all lanes, they took an early Baron and completely took over the map. MAD had no way back into the game and the game ended as a very clean win for the rabbits.

Rogue March On

The match between rising Team Vitality and the undefeated Rogue delivered on the high expectations we had. Rogue had a small early lead with a nearly omnipresent Kim "Malrang" Geun-seong on Volibear. However, Vitality would soon equalize, with several early kills going to Luka "Perkz" Perković’s Leblanc. The mid-game stayed even for a while until 26 minutes in, when Rogue got two kills and used them to get the first Baron. Soon, they took two inhibitors and by the second Baron respawn, they were ready to take it and end the game.

Fnatic Breaks Fans' Hearts

The old rivals Fnatic and G2 Esports quickly got down to brawling, and while Fnatic had an early lead with some very good early moves, 15 minutes in G2 got off a great collapse and equalized the game. As the game went on, G2 were able to punish Fnatic’s move several more times and buy time for their scaling. A big fight 29 minutes in marked the turning point - Sergen "Broken Blade" Çelik nearly died to the Fnatic engage, but a clutch stopwatch saved him and G2 picked two kills instead. Fnatic rolled the dice seven minutes later and secured the baron, only to get aced and lose the game instead.

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The LEC 2022 Spring Season will complete its first round robin next weekend. It will start on Friday from 18:00 CET with a game between Misfits Gaming and Team Vitality. Meanwhile, make sure to join our Discord server for more gaming news, analysis and fun banter!