LoL: "You All Are M*ther F*ckers" - Tyler1 Lashes Out At Riot

Tyler1 has had some choice words for the behavioral systems team at Riot Games after some griefers made his life a living hell in solo queue.

Tyler1 Angry EUW
LoL: Tyler1 got pretty angry on stream the other day after some bad games. | © Tyler1 via Twitch

Tyler1 is probably one of the most infamous people in League of Legends and thus earns himself his fair share of griefers and inters. But recently he's had enough, while playing on his EUW account trying to reach Challenger, prompting him to explode and insult Riot Games and the player behavior team.

Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp has come to Europe to reach Challenger on the EUW server, but for the last few days his rank has stagnated, with a 53% win rate in the Masters rank. After some infuriating teammates made his games a living hell he did some digging and what he found made him lose his cool.

LoL: Tyler1 Unleashed Frustration on Stream

Tyler1 has been in Europe for a while trying to reach Challenger. This isn't his first rodeo moving to another server to make it to the highest rank in League of Legends, but it seems that this time around it's more frustrating than other times.

On March 29, after some frustrating games, Tyler1 looked at one of his teammates match history, only to realize that this player had previously thrown matches in which he'd been paired with Tyler1. Said player had been suspended by Riot, but after a single appeal was unbanned.

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Tyler1 probably agrees with Faker on this one, eh?

All Riot Games across the world, you all are stealing money you useless pieces of shit. Every job, every person, every position that has to do with player behavior and that has to do with balancing and the client, you all are motherfuckers that deserve nothing good in life.

He lost his cool, continuing the rant, calling out not only Riot in Europe, but also Riot Korea, where he had previously climbed to Challenger, as well as Riot in North America, his home region.

Every single one of you; Riot Korea, you fucking failures, Riot Korea is, Riot NA: complete dogshit, Riot EU West, fucking morons. So it’s just like Riot hires the biggest dipshits for every fucking region. I mean, I wonder how they find these guys, are they like toddlers?

Tyler1 has reached Challenger in every position on his North American account and was in South Korea last year to try and reach Challenger purely as an autofill, something he did not achieve. His Europe trip is also looking glum right about now.

Tyler1 currently sits in Master rank with 442 LP. He will have to make it through Grandmaster to reach Challenger, his goal for the EUW trip. Will he be able to reach his goal, or is this a challenge too much even for the biggest LoL player on the planet?

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