Vitality Defeat Misfits as LEC Playoff Race Looms

The Saturday LEC games saw Misfits Gaming fall to Team Vitality. With Fnatic and Rogue scoring big wins, the remaining two top four spots are still wide open.

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Selfmade was big in Vitality's last win | © Riot Games

Friday delivered a must-watch victory for Misfits Gaming, but the dark horse team would have to face another capable adversary in Team Vitality on Saturday. Meanwhile fellow top 3 teams Rogue and Fnatic would take on Excel Esport and MAD Lions respectively to make it for a very high-stakes weekend.

Vitality Ends Misfits' Hot Streak

Saturday kicked off with a showdown between a Misfits Gaming that has gone on a tear recently and the always unpredictable Team Vitality. While Misfits had a good early game and the first two drakes, in the mid-game Vitality was the team that had the better teamfight execution. Yet another good fight 32 minutes in let them secure the Baron and with it, they took down all 3 inhibitors before committing for the final push to a much needed victory.

Astralis Trips Up SK

Astralis might be out of the running for playoffs and SK Gaming still have a chance - but that chance just got a lot smaller. Astralis had a very strong start with several early turrets and while SK had the initial lead in dragons, soon it was equalized as well. The gold lead kept growing and eventually the 10th place team had a Baron and pushed towards the enemy base. SK Gaming went for one last fight and while it was close, it was not enough.

2-0 Week for Rogue

Excel Esports took on Rogue in the next game, but their disjointed early efforts and a good showing by Kim "Malrang" Geun-seong resulted in a very strong early game for the favorites. Good map movements and an early Baron extended the lead further. While Excel were able to delay the game with a few inspired picks, eventually a single death at the second Baron let Rogue roll them over and end the game.

Loss to G2 Ends BDS Playoff Hopes

Team BDS got a first blood against G2 Esports,but it proved to be not nearly enough. After the first 10 minutes, G2 got a significant lead and were soon at dragon soul point. Even a miraculous Baron steal by Jakub "Cinkrof" Rokicki was not enough to turn the game around, and 29 minutes in Rasmus "caPs" Winther led his team through the game-winning teamfight.

No Upset for MAD

The match of the week featured MAD Lions taking on Fnatic and while the 2021 champions got thefirst blood, the two teams remained very close throughout the early game. MAD was even slightly ahead 24 minutes in, but a clutch teamfight turned the game around as Fnatic secured four kills and the Baron. The Lions were unable to get back in the game and another lost teamfight four minutes later cost them their Nexus. With this, Fnatic guarantee their top 4 spot, while MAD now has no margin for error if they want to catch on to Vitality or Excel for the last sixth spot.

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The regular season of the LEC spring split concludes next week with a three-day super weekend. Don’t miss it!