It's Actually Crazy Who Did A LoL Worlds Collab

It was just officially unveiled, that Lil Nas X did a collab with Riot Games for the LoL Worlds. He didn't just make a new song for them though, there's also some cool new in-game content.

Lil Nas X Lo L
Lil Nas in the house! | © Riot / Lil Nas X

This is crazy, in the best way. Everyone's favorite troll and music man Lil Nas X is involved in an official collaboration with Riot for the LoL Worlds. It was actually rumored before, as he was spotted at Riot HQ, so this is not the biggest surprise. But this collab actually goes further than you might think. And trust me... you need to see the hilarious reveal video.

Lil Nas X Is Now The President of League of Legends

Riot is known for their wacko collabs, and here's the next one. Lil Nas X is in the house and he produced a bunch of stuff with Riot, just in time for the Worlds. Obviously he made a song, the official LoL Worlds anthem called "Star Walkin'", which he is set to perform at the opening ceremony. But there's much more than that. First though, check out the hilarious announcement video, which officially confirms Lil Nas as the new President of League of Legends:

As part of the collab, there won't just be a cool new tune, there is also an exclusive in-game skin for the new champion K'Sante, which was co-designed by Mr. X. This new skin will be available between November 3 and November 14. However, we unfortunately don't know what it will look like yet. Considering it comes from Lil Nas X, we're sure it will be pure fire though.

Starwalkin' Release Date

Starwalkin' will be released on September 22, 2022. The music video looks similar to the 2020 'Take Over' video which means that Riot probably used the same animation studio as back then. If you want to see the video, then make sure to tune in to the official League of Legends YouTube at 5PM CEST (11AM EST/8AM PT).