The Vertagear PL4500 Review: A Next Generation Gaming Chair

If you're looking for the market-leader, look no further. The PL4500 is the best gaming chair available right now, and we can recommend it to pros, streamers, and gamers alike.

Vertagear Review
Do yourself a favour, get yourself a gaming chair as good as this. | © Vertagear

Whether you're a League of Legends fanatic, a Warzone streamer, or you're just working from home a lot more these days, you need a good chair. Trust me, as someone who spend the best part of five years sat bolt-upright on a cheap IKEA dining chair, your back will thank you. But where should you look for a high-quality chair? What features do you need? How much is good quality going to cost?

We've tested a lot of chairs at EarlyGame, and when we received the Vertagear PL4500, we thought it would just be another day at the office. But we were all hugely impressed by this one, and I'll go out on a limb personally here, and say that the PL4500 is the best gaming chair on the market right now. Now, if that was enough to persuade you, here's a link to the PL4500. But for the rest of you, here's a comprehensive review of the PL4500. We'll be analyzing every aspect of this gaming chair, so you know exactly what to expect if you choose this model; assembly, comfort, quality and aesthetic.

PL4500 Review: Assembly

Let's begin at the natural starting point, with assembly. You'll only have to assemble the chair once, so this shouldn't weigh too heavily in your priorities when looking for a chair. But that said, the PL4500 is off to a flying start with fantastically simple assembly, and critically, it can be assembled quickly by one person without tools. The same cannot be said for a majority of other high-end gaming chairs, which are often much more difficult to assemble, and would be near-impossible without help.

PL4500 Review: Comfort

As with all Vertagear chairs, comfort is where they really shine thanks to their patented HygennX technology. The fiber padding is infused with coffee to increase breathability and reduce odors, while the lining uses silver thread to control bacteria. Yes, you read that right, coffee and silver go into the making of a Vertagear chair, and it allows them to stand out above the competition as the most comfortable chairs on the market, ideal for long-term use. Beneath this impressive lining is their Ultra Premium High Resilience Foam, which is well above industry standard.

The form also contributes to how comfortable these chairs are for long-term use. They provide complete lumbar and neck support, and the backrest can be adjusted for even the tallest of users. Although it should be noted that the PL4500 is only recommended for users beneath 260 lbs (120 kg).

Top 1 00000
You could fall asleep very easily if you weren't careful. | © Vertagear

PL4500 Review: Quality

From the Penta RS1 wheels, to the aluminum alloy base and steel frame with 10-year warranty, it's no wonder that Vertagear trust their product. This is a fantastically well-built chair, with the durability to last a lifetime. It's hard to imagine how you could damage this chair by accident, you would need to really go at it with the intention of breaking it, and even then it wouldn't be easy. And those RS1 wheels allow it to glide easily over any surfaces. We childishly wheeled this thing across multiple surfaces in the office, and it moved effortlessly across every single one. I would have preferred the armrests to be lined with some kind of fabric, but that's a minor concern. All in all, the quality demonstrates how far ahead Vertagear are from the competition.

PL4500 Review: Features & Upgrades

The PL4500 has all the normal features you should expect from a high-end gaming chair; the height, backrest, and tilt can all be adjusted, and the controls to do so are intuitive. The height control is particularly impressive, as the chair is raised by an inbuilt class-4 gas lift. One negative is that I would have preferred a greater degree of adjustability because you can only lower the chair so far. But in the vast majority of cases, you would never need it to be lowered beneath the minimum height.

RGB LED Upgrade Kit

Besides default features, you can also upgrade the chair with a wirelessly controlled RGB LED kit that can sync up with the game you're playing. This is a very nice feature for professional streamers and content creators, but even for casual users, it's an enjoyable add-on.

Installation of the kit was very easy, and took me only a couple of minutes. The lights look beautiful in the chair and especially when they match the audio of your computer, but installing and using the software was less impressive. They have their own program freely available to download that controls the lights, but it's not as intuitive or well-designed as it could be. Also, and this is quite a significant flaw, the software you need to control the LEDs is only available for Windows. If you're using another operating software, there's no option for you. This could be easily fixed if there was a remote control that came with the kit, so you could at least get some functionality out of the lights, but there isn't.

As pretty as the RGB LED kit looks when installed, I would not recommend it to the average user. It's only an optional extra, but the kit just isn't impressive enough to justify the $300 RRP.

Body 1 00000
You can see here where the LEDs sit in the chair. | © Vertagear

PL4500 Review: Aesthetic

To end on a highlight, I loved the aesthetic of the PL4500. Unlike so many gaming chairs, it doesn't look like it was designed by a twelve-year-old. There are no go-faster stripes, or tacky inlays. Instead, we get a mature design with the PL4500, which wouldn't look out of place in a professional environment. Although, if you do prefer something with a splash of color, it's available in blue, green, purple, white, or red as well as the standard black. And if you're a streamer looking to draw the viewer's eye, you can install the previously mentioned LED kit.

PL4500 Review: Verdict

The PL4500 represents the next-generation of gaming chairs. It's fantastically well-made and durable, and it has a more mature aesthetic than we're used to seeing in this space. The lumbar support is immediately noticeable and allows the user to remain comfortable for remarkably long periods while sat down. My own only concern was the range of height adjustability, but this will be a non-issue for the majority of users.

So if you're looking for a new chair, or you think it's time for an upgrade, then go for the PL4500. The chair is currently available for $449.99 from the manufacturer, which is about what you should expect from any good quality gaming chair. And when you think about how much time us gamers spend sitting down…