Over Ten Canceled Games Were Just Leaked

A reliable website leaked details on over ten games that were canceled by Riot Games, Ubisoft and more.

Canceled Games Riot Ubisoft Disney
A bunch of canceled games by big publishers just got leaked. | © Ubisoft / Riot Games

This is a juicy one. The Spanish website Vandal just revealed the existence of over ten games that were developed by a bunch of different studios, like Riot Games, Ubisoft and Starbreeze. These games have been canceled at some point though, so we will never see them. And believe me: that's a goddamn shame, because some of these sound amazing...

These Amazing Games By Riot, Ubisoft And Others Will Never Come Out

The report by Vandal shares details on a lot of different games, which will unfortunately never see the light of day. Here's a summary of some of the highlights:

  • Riot Games, developer of League of Legends and Valorant, worked on a game set in a cyberpunk setting but scrapped it after two years of development.
  • Ubisoft worked on a game featuring a CEO and an IT expert. Nothing more is known about that project, but there are target renders showing a (unremarkable) character.
  • Disney worked on an MMO for a young target audience. But it was canceled, apparently to the surprise of the development team.
  • Bro... a Left 4 Dead type of game inspired by or maybe even set in Jurassic Park. That would have been sick!
  • Obscure 3! Anyone who still remembers the iconic horror series will know why this would have been exciting.

You know what else is exciting? GTA 6! And we finally got some confirmed details about the game, see them here:

Man, that is really sad. All of these projects sound cool, it's really sad that we will never see them. That's a painful truth about the video game industry though, tons of games get canceled all the time. This is one of those rare occasions where we actually heard about them.