Classic Fan-Favorite Game Brought Back from the Dead

Half-Life is a classic and one of the most well-known games out there. Well even years after it's initital release it's still breaking records and this time it's for concurrent players. Have this many players played Half-Life at the same time already?

Half life 2 update half life 3
How many people are playing Half-Life right now? | © Valve

Half-Life is one of the most well-known games out there and it seems that fans want Valve to know that the game is not dead. They want to spur the developer on to maybe finally work on the third instalment of the series... but who knows with Valve and whether this is going to become a reality.

But this isn't about us wishing for a game that will likely never be, it's about us celebrating the community that has made it through so many years and yet they still love and enjoy this game.

Half-Life Smashes Concurrent Player Record

24-years since the initial release of Half-Life and players are still flocking to this classic game. Thanks to the Half-Life community that came together for the #RememberFreeman campaign, over 12,000 concurrent players logged in to Steam to play Half-Life.

Why was such a campaign created though? Easy, it was just to show Valve that while the game is old, it still has a dedicated fan base that loves and enjoys the content.

#RememberFreeman Campaign is Not the First of it's Kind

This isn't the first time that the Half-Life community has banded together. Just last year, a similar campaign took off called the "Breaking the Bar" event, where over 16,000 people logged in to play at least half-an-hour of Half-Life 2. It seems that the Half-Life community just loves to show off how much they still enjoy the game and appreciate it.

Is This The Highest Player Count Ever for Half-Life?

It's hard t to tell, since Half-Life did come out in 1998, which means that Steam hadn't existed yet and therefore it was hard to track whether people were playing the game simultaneously. Back in the day you had to buy the game in a store – yes you had to talk to people – and get it on a Compact Disk – I had to google what this was as well so don't be shy...

So, while we don't know whether this is the largest amount of people playing Half-Life at the same time we know if is in the 2020s, because this project took the number once spot from the 6,000 concurrent players Half-Life had accumulated in 2021.