Dead Island 2 Release Date Accidentally Revealed By Amazon

Amazon accidentally posted the release date to Dead Island 2 when they put the pre-order page online. Luckily, it was screenshotted before they could remove it, and even better, the release date is sooner than we expected.

Dead island 2 leaked amazon
Amazon have done it again. | © Amazon / Deep Silver

We love how often Amazon makes this mistake. Whenever we get release date's revealed in this way, it always turns out to be true as well. Seriously, why doesn't Amazon just hire someone to stop this nonsense? But either way, we're all happy to see it happen. So, enough jabbering and jabbering, let's get to that release date they accidentally revealed.

When Is The Dead Island 2 Release Date?

In a since-deleted listing on Amazon, it was revealed that Dead Island 2 will be released on February 3, 2022. So... not a 2022 date like some believed, but it is actually happening (unlike certain RPGs that have been rumored...)

For those wondering whether they should get Dead Island 2 or not, check out the first game, it's less than $5 on every platform it's available for. We think most players will get a good 10 hours of Dead Island; it's a fun survival horror with a refreshingly original setting, but there's nothing revolutionary going on. And it looks like Dead Island 2 will be much the same.

Are you excited about Dead Island 2? Or will you still be playing the 2022 Game of the Year in 2023?

And this awesome game is coming even sooner!