Leak: Dead Island 2 Is Actually Coming

Dead Island initially released back in 2014 and there have been talks for a while surrounding a sequel... will it Dead Island 2 finally become a reality?

Dead Island Image
Can't wait to kill some zombies. | © Techland

Who remembers 2014 when Dead Island first released? Sure, the game itself wasn't the greatest, but it has still accumulated a following and talks of a sequel have been ongoing for a while without ever getting a real answer. Are we finally getting a new Dead Island game?

It seems like we are inching towards the release of the sequel, though an exact release date has not been revealed yet, but if you're a fan of hack-and-slash zombie combat, then this is a game to keep your eyes peeled for.

Sources: Dead Island 2 Release in Q1 2023

Tom Henderson wrote that multiple sources have confirmed the sequel of the game and that it is currently in a decent state of development with some fans already having had the chance to play test the upcoming Dead Island game even.

It seems like this is going to be a pretty decent game with one person who has tested it already stating that it's one of their most anticipated games after playing it a bit, so get ready for some major gore action if we have to take a guess after the first game.

We will likely get a reveal and more information at the Game Awards later this year. So we will have to wait until then to get more information on the game and the confirmation.

What Is New in Dead Island 2?

According to Tom Henderson, we will be getting brand-new characters in Dead Island 2. Five to six new characters will be introduced to the game, but that's not all. Not only will we be getting new characters to play with, but the setting is also going to change.

Not only will Dead Island 2 have one setting, but according to sources there will be multiple locations like Hollywood and San Francisco... not sure why since they're not islands – and the game is called Dead Island – but we will go with the flow on this one and just accept it.

So, are you excited for this sequel or is it going to be a hard pass for you? Not everyone is into this genre of games, but hopefully it will have some substance to it, right?