Dead Island 2 Is Not Dead - It's Coming This Year!

Yes, you heard right, the long forgotten Dead Island 2, will be revealed this summer and released later this year, according to an insider. Let's see what the rumors are about...
Dead island
Are you still excited? | © Deep Silver

Almost 8 years ago, publisher and rights holder Deep Silver announced a sequel to the action role-playing game Dead Island in cooperation with the German developer studio Yager Development. But since then, thanks to a change of developers and various problems in the development process, the zombie project was almost forgotten. Nevertheless, Deep Silver spoke up a few weeks ago and made it clear that Dead Island 2 would still be in development, and that they were making steady progress. Now, new hints could point to a release later this year.

When Is The Release Of Dead Island 2?

Insider Colin Moriarty spread rumors about an upcoming release of the action role-playing game in the current podcast episode Sacred Symbols. Moriarty relies on some unnamed sources that are supposed to be involved in the development process of Dead Island 2. According to them, the zombie shooter should be released this year. More specifically, Moriarty puts September or October 2022 as the earliest possible release date. Something similar was said by insider Tom Henderson in February this year.

Here you can find the Time-Stamp of the Podcast:

So if you ask me, the whole thing comes as quite a surprise. Whether the game will actually be released in the end, we'll have to wait and see. Above all, it is also exciting whether we get a new trailer. The old one was iconic. The hype feelings from before are slowly coming back up!