This Game Is a Jesus Christ RPG With Boss Fights. For Real.

I am Jesus Christ puts you in the shoes of Jesus... to fight... demons... and feed the poor. Of course.
I Am Jesus Christ
Uhm... goals? | © Jesus

I wish I was creative enough to be making this up, because now I've heard and seen it all (yes, seen, because we do have a trailer for you): There is an upcoming Jesus Christ simulator called I am Jesus, and it features boss fights, while running on Unreal Engine 5. Yup. That's really happening.

I am Jesus Christ - What Is It?

I mean... while I am somewhat shocked, it also makes so much sense that there is a Jesus game. Of course, with the levels of potential controversy this could spark, there is no big developer behind this game. This game is full on indie, though, as you will see in the gameplay below, thanks to Unreal Engine 5 it looks better than any indie game out there.

As for the boss fights: You have to perform miracles and exorcise demons. You know... just like Jesus did. In fact, here's the official game description:

Are you prepared to fight with Satan in the desert, cure the sick and help the needy? Perform over thirty iconic miracles from the feeding of the 5,000 and healing lepers to the calming of the sea, and giving sight to the blind.

Beyond that you can do Jesus' everyday tasks like washing the feet of the poor, because, after all... this is a Jesus simulator. There is no release date for the game yet, but there is no doubt in my mind that this will make some waves when it is released.

I am Jesus Christ Gameplay

There are many devlogs for I am Jesus Christ and they feature a lot of gameplay, but watch for yourself: