Marvel Canceled Open-World Iron Man Game

It was recently revealed that Marvel canceled an open-world Iron Man game from the Just Cause devs. Why? Who knows...

Iron man game just cause
Oh, what could've been... | © Jason Z, ArtStation

So, silver lining here right off the bat: A new open-word Iron Man game is actually in development now, meaning the pain of hearing that Marvel canceled an Iron Man game from the Just Cause devs is slightly dampened. Still, you can't help but wonder why we got those terrible game adaptions of Iron Man 1 & 2, yet somehow an open-world game from a reputable dev was canceled...

Marvel Had Open World Iron Man Game in Development

The game was in development back around 2010 and ultimately canceled in 2012. To put that in perspective: Skyrim released in 2011, and GTA 5 came out in 2013. Let that sink in. That also means that this Iron Man game might very much still be relevant today, if it had ever gotten finished. Developer Avalanche Studios, who are known for their Just Cause series, revealed that their Iron Man game would have been open-world, and would have allowed you to fly anywhere, as well as see you wielding Iron Man's repulsor gloves.

There is no explanation as to why Marvel & Disney chose the game, but I guess they were more confident about whatever Iron Man game disaster it was that we got back then. It's odd that Iron Man is by far the biggest of all the Marvel heroes, yet he somehow is the only one that hasn't gotten a proper game adaption yet... go figure.

Silver lining: With the Marvel gaming universe being what it is today, it might be a better time than ever to release an Iron Man game, so... I'll take it. With Spiderman, Wolverine and the Midnight Suns lined up, it's a good time to be a gaming Marvel fan.