Is Iron Trials '84 Returning to Warzone?

Call of Duty: Warzone's new Caldera Pacific Map might be great, but it has seen the removal of Iron Trials '84.

Warzone iron trials 84
Will we ever see Iron Trials back in Warzone? | © Activision

Iron Trials disappeared along with Verdansk, and whilst many of us felt a little bit relieved about the latter's disappearance, others (like myself) were pretty sad to see this fantastic game mode blow away in the winds of change. It also didn't help that Caldera was pretty average when it launch, that Season 1 kind of sucked, and that the layoffs at Raven Software left a sour taste in all of our mouths.

Iron Trials was a Warzone game mode that originally got introduced in BOCW Season 5, and was pretty bloody difficult. Regenerating health was significantly cut back, but players' overall health was increased. This resulted in a much higher time-to-kill, or TTK, than other game modes. In addition, major changes came to Buy Stations prices and the way that the loot worked. Without going into detail, as the mode developed it became a pretty core staple of those final months spent in Verdansk '84.

Ultimately, of course, we won't see a return of specifically "Iron Trials '84", as that is a mode directly linked to Verdansk '84. What we may see, though, is a return of the game mode itself but on the brand new Pacific Caldera Map. We are really unsure what this would look like, but that's also not the point of this article. Instead we're asking the question of when we should expect it, if at all...

When Can We Expect Iron Trials to Return to Warzone?

We do not have any information from Activision or Raven Software as to when, or whether, Iron Trials will return to Warzone. Simply put, it is very possible that Iron Trials may never actually return. If this is a case it would be a huge shame, as Iron Trials was a pretty fantastic inclusion, and brought a lot of joy to those last few months in Verdansk. It could very well have been designed purely as a way to say goodbye to the old map, but we truly hope that this isn't true if we're honest!

Whilst we did love Iron Trials, we do need to admit to the fact that it may not even work very well on the new Warzone Pacific Map. It could end up being a very spongy game mode, and not much fun at all. This especially goes with the fact that the new planes would add a whole new dimension to gameplay. Whilst they could obviously just disable the planes in Iron Trials, it is an interesting question! Anyway, there's your answer: we don't know if Warzone will get Iron Trials. What we can be pretty sure of, though, is that it won't come in Season 2.