League of Legends: "Quick Play" Rather Than Blind Pick? Riot Is Making A New Game Mode

In the March 2023 Dev update, Riot revealed a lot of interesting new information surrounding the future of League of Legends. Blind Pick hasn't been a very popular game mode and it seems like Riot is going to be replacing ith with a new mode they call "Quick Play".

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League of Legends: Everyone stay calm, Riot is making a new game mode. | © Riot Games

When was the last time you played Blind Pick in League of Legends? It's been a while, eh? If you usually play ranked games, then you're probably used to the way draft works and won't bother with blind when you want to relax and play some normals without your precious LP on the line.

Riot has also noticed this and therefore decided to make some changes at this point and time. Since the Game Modes Team has finally overcome some of their difficulties, they're ready to update not only 'for fun' modes, but also Blind Pick.

League of Legends: Riot Meddler And Brightmoon Announce Quick Play

On March 17, 2023 Riot released their Dev Vlog – a little early since it was deleted right after – and revealed some interesting information regarding a new game mode which should replace Blind Pick in League of Legends.

I am definitely going to be playing this champion:

Blind Pick is not a very popular game mode, but Riot wants to change that by replacing it completely with something called "Quick Play" which should be much better and healthier.

Pu "Riot Pupulasers" Liu, the Game Director of League of Legends reported in the vlog that Blind Pick is the most unpopular game mode in all of League of Legends. Are we surprised though? The free for all in a Blind Pick game just isn't fun for anyone, hence why Riot is going to replace it.

New LoL Mode Quick Play: Features

What is Quick Play all about? Well, as the name suggest it's going to be a mode in which players should quickly get to Summoner's Rift to play some League of Legends. No long draft and ban phase will get in your way here, just playing games, one after another.

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Okay, but what exactly does Riot mean by this? Well, Riot Pupulasers explained the concept behind the new Quick Play mode on Reddit once more. So everyone could understand and grasp the concept of this new mode.

Basically, before queuing up, players will pick two combinations of a role and a champion. When the queue pops they'll be guaranteed one of the two combinations they pre-picked. For example players can choose "Lux + Mid" and "Ashe + Bot" and one of those two will be their designated role and champion.

So, what do you guys think of this new idea? Blind Pick really has been lacking and this does seem like a great way to fix the issue. Riot will be testing out Quick Play on multiple servers to gather information and data to see how they can improve it for every single region in League of Legends.

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