LoL Players Beg Riot To Update Orianna's Visuals

Orianna is one of the older champions in League of Legends and while some champions have gotten some visual updates, it seems that Orianna remains forgotten and in the basement of Riot Games.

Orianna no Skin
LoL: Orianna really needs a visual update. | © Riot Games

League of Legends players on Reddit are asking Riot to finally update Orianna so that her in-game model can reflect her lore and character fantasy, something she is currently lacking.

Riot have not made any comments, nor does it look like Orianna is getting a visual update anytime soon, with the champions team currently working on the Skarner VGU, as well as other mid-scope updates like Neeko.

LoL Players Believe Orianna Is In Need Of A Visual Update

Orianna was released all the way back in 2011 and it seems like she's barely received any love or attention from Riot since then. She is a complicated mid laner, making her one of the most difficult to master, but that shouldn't dissuade anyone from playing her... her animations might though.

Orianna's walk animation is more similar to a hooligan than ballet dancer from leagueoflegends

Orianna is supposed to bring to life a fantasy of a young girl who was a ballet dancer and had been turned into a metallic being due to her father not wanting her to die. Well, League of Legends players feel that her in-game animations bring none of that to life.

One Reddior wrote:

She walks with both legs as far apart as possible, her chest bent forward, neck bent forward as well and her arms to the side in front of her. She literally walks as if she's about to throw down some punches or something.

Her spell animations arent much better and also look clunky and out of place, making Orianna look like she is about to throw hands instead of being this graceful character on Summoner's Rift that she is supposed to be.

Orianna might have to face off against this champion very soon:

Other older champions have received some updates in the last few years, with both Janna and Twisted Fate getting much-needed updates in 2022. Orianna on the other hand still looks awkward and off to players.

Another player noted how giving Orianna more 'ballet' moves along with her abilities would be a nice touch and would bring some new life to the champion.

Orianna did receive a small visual update in 2022, but nothing of this scale to fix her awkward posture or odd looking abilities. This will likely require a bigger team than just fixing the effects on her abilities, which was done in the previous year.

Players can only hope for now, since Riot has not made any announcements regarding a visual update for Orianna. Hopefully, with more old champions getting some love, she will be next on the list.

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