League of Legends: PBE Assets Hint At Neeko Mid-Scope Update Release

Neeko's Mid-Scope Update was revealed in the fall of 2022 and while we did get an update during the LoL Season 13 kickoff, it's been radio silence since. Could her mid-scope be almost ready for the public though?

Star Guardian Neeko Skin
LoL: Neeko's mid-scope update might release soon! | © Riot Games

Neeko has been one of the most underwhelming champions in League of Legends, which is pretty sad. Therefore, Riot have decided to spice up her kit just a bit with a mid-scope update to breathe new life into this adorable champion on Summoner's Rift.

Unfortunately, the champions team has been silent on the progress of the mid-scope, but now new hope has ignited in players hearts as some assets were found on the PBE.

LoL: Neeko Assets Found on PBE

The PBE gives players a glance into what is coming up in League of Legends and what to expect from upcoming patches. Thanks to some information on the PBE, we can also expect the Neeko mid-scope update to release pretty soon.

Hopefully this bot lane still works after the MSU:

According to Spideraxe on Twitter, a bunch of April Fools assets are on the PBE and some of them are themed after Neeko. Is this a coincidence? Unlikely.

While LoL Patch 13.6 is going to release ahead of April Fools, coming out on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, this won't be the April Fools patch. April Fools will likely come a patch later in LoL Patch 13.7 which is set to release on April 5, 2023.

This could mean that Neeko's Mid-Scope Update is going to be released then. Of course, this is all speculation off some assets on the PBE server right now and nothing has been confirmed by Riot yet, but this could be a sign that the MSU is closer to release than some might think.

Spideraxe also stated on Twitter, when asked about Neeko's mid-scope release, that it is soon-ish. So, her release has not been confirmed, but we can be pretty sure that we are at least getting something new for April Fools. Maybe a Cats vs Dogs skin for Neeko?

Once more has been revealed on the Public Beta Server we will be covering it! Who else wants to finally play prop hunt with Neeko?

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