“ADC Is A Very Overpowered Role Right Now." - Bot Lane Nerfs Incoming

ADC mains have been complaining about their role in LoL throughout the last few years. Thanks to some buffs and adjustments early on in Season 13 the role has finally felt impactful again, but it seems Riot deems them too impactful.

Blood Moon Kalista skin
LoL: Sorry ADC mains, Riot hates you. | © Riot Games

Riot Games is making some changes in the upcoming patches to ADC's. It felt like finally ADC mains could be the main characters they've always wanted to be and now Riot has had enough... after three patches.

In a recent stream, David "Phreak" Turley went over the Patch 13.5 Patch Notes and commented on the current strength of the bot lane and how it might be a bit too good in the current meta, meaning some changes are in order.

LoL: According To Riot The ADC Role Is Too Strong

After the patch notes for the current League of Legends patch dropped, Riot Phreak made a video in which he explained and went over some of the key changes in the patch. During this stream he also mentioned the bot lane and how the ADC role has significantly increased in power and how the balance team feels about the current state of the game.

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AD Carries are in a very good spot right now, with Riot dubbing them overpowered. Phreak also stated that they will be nerfing the role, something that we can already see in the upcoming LoL Patch 13.6, with some system nerfs.

AD carry is a very overpowered role right now and it’s gonna get nerfed, don’t worry… I think perceptions is pretty aggressively now caught up with the power level and we can pretty safely nerf AD carry back down. But the hope is that through the buffs and nerfs, the role still feels more fun than before.

With this announcement from Phreak, it's no surprise that we see some Bloodthirster and Navori Quickblade nerfs in the upcoming patch, but these likely won't be the only changes Riot has planned as they even out the playing field on the rift.

Will Riot just nerf ADC items or are they going to single out over performing champions as well? Vayne and Ashe are getting some buffs soon so we're going to have to see how Riot deals with the bot lane in the future.