Quincy Crew Are the Champions of The Great American Rivalry

Image credit: Rivalry

The Great American Rivalry started back in early July and came to an end yesterday. Quincy Crew defeated CR4ZY in the grand finals and earned the title.

Division 1 of The Great American Rivalry came to an end yesterday with Quincy Crew coming out on top. The tournament kicked off on July 1 and last for over a month. It spanned between the regions of North and South America as teams from the U.S., Peru, and Brazil were able to take part. A total of 10 teams made it to the event’s top division but only one was able to claim the champion’s title – Quincy Crew.

Quinn “Ccnc” Callahan and his teammates had a good run in the group stage with 5 victories, 3 ties, and a single loss to 4 Zoomers. The team finished in the top three and earned a spot in the upper bracket of the playoffs. From there on it was smooth sailing as Quincy Crew defeated 4 Zoomers and CR4ZY on their way to the grand finals. CR4ZY were able to climb back from the lower bracket finals and had a chance to get their revenge on QC, but that didn’t go so well. Ccnc and his crew finished the event with a 3:0 victory in the grand finals and got the lion’s share of the prize pool with $21,000 for the first place.

This is the team’s fourth victory in America's tournaments. Previous titles include ESL One Birmingham Online: North & South America, BTS Pro Series Season 2: Americas and OGA Dota PIT Season 2: Americas. With a score like that, we can certainly say that the time of EG has come to an end as the former powerhouse is nowhere to be seen. CR4ZY and 4 Zoomers seem to be fighting for the title of second-best in the region but it’s still unclear which team is better.

Division 2 of The Great American Rivalry will continue up until August 16. Spirits Esports are the top team for now, but the group stage isn’t over yet so that may soon change.

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