Anime Combat Simulator Codes (May 2023): Free Boosts & Yen

Want to get Anime Combat Simulator codes for May? Here they are! We collected all the active and expired codes in one article.

Anime Combat Simulator Codes
Right here, we collected all the Anime Combat codes! \ © Roblox / Who Games Anime

Are you a big anime fan, or do you like fighting games ? In both cases, Anime Combat Simulator is one of the best Roblox games for you. It is a fresh Roblox game that units characters from different anime series to make them fight face-to-face on the battlefield.

The primary resource in Anime Combat Simulator is Yen. Getting it is compulsory from the beginning up to the late-game stages. In this guide: you will learn all the Anime Combat Simulator codes. Using them, each play can get Yen real quick.

How To Redeem Codes in Anime Combat Simulator

Before we can give you all the active and expired Anime Combat Simulator codes, let's learn how to redeem codes. It's a quick process that doesn't take more than a few minutes.

  1. Open Roblox and launch Anime Combat Simulator
  2. Find the Shop icon on the left part of the screen and press on it
  3. Once done, examine the shop menu and find the Twitter icon button
  4. Press it, and the pop-up window with a text box will appear on the screen
  5. Paste the active codes from this article into this text box and get your free rewards
Anime Combat Simulator How Redeem
Here you can redeem codes in Anime Combat Simulator. \ © Roblox / Who Games Anime

Most codes feature boosters and Scrolls as a reward. Therefore, you must put in the effort to get benefits from redeeming codes. Use them only when you have free time to play Anime Combat Simulator.

Anime Combat Simulator Active Codes May 2023

This was last updated on May 19

Below, we collected all the active Anime Combat Simulator codes that can bring you valuable rewards in May 2023.

  • DELAYYY - Use for 30 min of x2 Yen
  • LIKES5K - Use for 20 min of x2 Yen
  • LIKES10K - Redeem for free rewards
  • storalus - Use for 5 min of x2 Luck
  • LIKES2500 - Use for 20 min of x2 Damage
  • LIKES1000 - Use for Power Scroll
  • RBXNews - Use for Raid Ticket
  • Noah - Use for Raid Ticket
  • Spax - Use for 15 min of 2x Damage
  • RELEASE - Use for 15 min of x2 Luck
Try to check the spelling a few times while redeeming a code. Don't get surprised if the code doesn't work. It will appear in the expired codes list soon.
  • If you want more Boost and Yen, it might be a good idea to check out the Roblox Gift Cards. They are very helpful!

Anime Combat Simulator Expired Codes May 2023

Once you know the active codes, check out the list below to learn all the expired Anime Combat Simulator codes.

  • 1K_Likes
  • Jason
  • OOPS
  • TigreTV
  • JeffBlox

While these codes don't work at the moment of writing, they can work and bring valuable rewards to players anytime soon.

Where Do You Get Anime Combat Simulator Codes?

Despite this article being regularly updated, you might seek new codes. In such a case, visiting the official developer's Twitter account is best. We get all our codes here and then sort them to share in this article.

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