FC Barcelona, Wildcard Gaming & Team Queso Return for RLCS 2021/2022

We can confirm that FC Barcelona, Wildcard Gaming, and Team Queso will all be returning for RLCS's eleventh season. Let's take a look at RLCS 2021/2022.
Rlcs 2021 2022 fc barcelona wildcard queso
A lot of teams are signing up and rejoining the RLCS for Season 11. Let's take a look. | © RLCS / Psyonix

Lost legends are making their triumphant return to the Rocket League Championship Series in Season 11. From OCE's Wildcard Gaming, to the Spaniards over at FC Barcelona and Team Queso, we're up for one hell of an RLCS 2021/2022.

The new season of RLCS is not only dropping its numbering conventions by adopting the name RLCS 2021-22 instead of RLCS 11, but is also bringing back a bunch of teams that have been out of the circuit for several seasons.

With Wildcard Gaming, FC Barcelona and Team Queso returning for RLCS 2021/2022, we can expect big things from the new season. The latest Championship Series will be the first to feature in-person LAN events since the Covid-19 pandemic began, and some of these team's first RLCS in years.

FC Barcelona Returning for RLCS 2021/2022

After releasing their previous roster of players back in April, FC Barcelona will return for RLCS 2021/2022. Interestingly, FC Barcelona will be returning with a brand new team made up of players from an independent team known as White Demons. The team will be made up of Ivan "Dorito" Ruiz Jiménez, Christian "crr" Fernandez, and Samuel "Zamué" Cortés. They will be coached by Brandon "Braan" Porto Fernández.

The acquisition was made and announced as recently as September and will form an all-Spanish roster for RLCS 2021/2022. Their goal? Well, let's be real, it's probably to become the next European grand champions of the Rocket League Championship Series, or, even better, world champions. They're going to have some pretty stiff competition, though, that's for sure...

Wildcard Gaming Returns to RLCS After Four Years

Wildcard Gaming will be returning for RLCS 2021-22 after four whole years out of the competition. With a confirmed roster of Alex "Decka" Tsoutsouras, Christopher "Siki" Magee and Benjamin "Cavemanben" Bliss, Wildcard are returning in style, and shifting their region from North America to Oceania.

The new roster is a collection of promising players from the Oceania region, all of whom were free agents before Wildcard Gaming's acquisition. They will replace Daniel "Laz" Garner and Sean "Nomad" Mulvihill, boosting the organization into a much better position after four years away from the RLCS. This will be one to watch for sure.

Team Queso Returns to RLCS with a New Roster

Team Queso, one of the most well-know Rocket League Teams, will return to the fold for RLCS 2021-22. The team, featuring Axel "Vatira" Touret, Finlay "rise." Ferguson, Joe "Joyo" Young and coach Nicholas "Nick" Marrone was announced on September 24 and will represent Spain once again in the RLCS.

After a mixed couple of months for the organization, it's time for Team Queso to return their name to its former glory in the Rocket League Championship Series' eleventh season. Will they succeed? Well, only time will tell, and the team's new roster is too young to really tell. Well, we'll know soon enough.

There certainly does seem to be a lot riding on RLCS 2021/2022, with multiple teams returning for the competition's first post-Covid Season. We have to keep in mind that, whilst the pandemic does seem to be slowing down, there will likely be more delays and difficulties relating to Covid-19. We just need to cross our fingers, get hyped for FC Barcelona, Wildcard Gaming, and Team Queso's return to the RLCS, and stay positive!

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